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As Long as We Remember...

September 20, 2007

Gloom and Doom - Part 1

Edward Lulie III

Oh, woe is the GOP; oh, gloom and doom; doom. doom. That is the endless refrain of the mainstream media, gleefully being repeated inside the echo chambers and offices of the left. Hillary or Obama, maybe both, will soon ride into power and save the world from cowboy imperialism.

Or so their storyline goes. But here is another possible outcome - the GOP might win the presidential contest in 2008.

In the last month, many columnists and newspapers have been beating some themes concerning Democratic candidates. Did they start their campaigns too soon? Is there already disinterest and burn out with voters? Was the whole early primary move really a major mistake?

If you want proof that the major media really is biased, just look to the media's reaction when former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson announced that he is a candidate for president. Now the theme becomes TOO LATE FOR THOMPSON. He waited too long. Now everyone else is established.

Initially, Senator Thompson is neck and neck with his closest rival Rudolph Giuliani (ahead in the Rasmussen poll of 9/10/07). It may be that - due to the early start of the campaigns - Senator Thompson was wise to wait. Time alone will tell.

Meanwhile the major media is out on their usual "attack the GOP frontrunner" quest. They are searching hard for scandal, partly because that makes ratings and also because of fear, fear that Senator Thompson is another Ronald Reagan coming to ruin Democrat's plans for 2008.

The themes against Senator Thompson are several and most date back to those used against President Reagan: He's just an actor. When he was in office he wasn't any good.

It's the same script with Senator Thompson; but in his case it's pretty obviously a load of fermented fish waste. Yet the left, and most of the media, has swallowed it whole, accepting all of it as true. As a result, many people - who should know better - are seriously discounting Thompson as a candidate.

That is the problem when your world view is built on spin and talking points, because they are accepted uncritically, errors tend to accumulate. When those errors are highlighted and your version of reality becomes challenged, cognitive dissonance occurs.

Cognitive Dissonance describes what happens when the brain has to resolve the appearance of something that doesn't fit within one's world view. It is resolved by either ignoring reality or adjusting one's viewpoint to accept it. This helps explain why the left continually ignores things that the rest of us see clearly; they opt for the "let's just ignore it" choice.

Leftist internet blogs abound where writers have dismissed Fred Thompson as an easy opponent. He won't be. He's a fine actor and excellent trial attorney. He's far more talented and savvy than Hillary Clinton and any debate with her will quickly reveal that (if she actually dares to debate him, that is). In the end, however, elections are also about issues.

More in Part 2 tomorrow.

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