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As Long as We Remember...

September 7, 2007

Halloween 2008 Nightmares

Edward Lulie III

This is over a year early but here are two separate nightmarish dreams for Halloween 2008, one for the political left and one for the political right.sweet dreams all.

The Right's Nightmare before Christmas:

Begin with a Congress all lining up blue,
Some socialists, even communists, to name just a few.

Queen Hillary will rule with blissful ease
While Bill rakes in the cash from the Red Chinese.

The new order will move to quickly enact
A slew of new changes before the right can react.

Mandatory Health Care for all, like it or not,
And new taxes for most, a whopping whole lot!

Guns are abolished before you can blink,
And their former owners all sent to the clink.

Al Gore leads the nation in a new sort of prayer,
The kind that insures we won't go anywhere.

The Right to Free Speech is finally made clear,
And it only applies to what the left wants to hear.

The Right to Bear Arms is finally decreed
To mean the showing of bare elbows, ankles and knees.

Talk Radio will turn leftwards except in backyards,
As Hillary eliminates privately owned cars.

Republicans will get a special place and the right to vote first;
But on the day after the election, though they do get to curse!

The Left's Nightmare before Christmas:

The election of Hillary is a dream at an end,
As a landslide of voters all vote for Fred.

Fred Thompson is better than Reagan you see.
He surfs to a victory of major degree.

The Senate falls, too led, by poor Harry Reid,
Too grim for PR and too weak to lead.

The House goes Republican as voters demand
That the borders be guarded by old Uncle Sam.

Dems pandering to lawbreakers turns out to be
A disastrous Election Day recipe.

Radio talk shows now all sound like Rush,
The left is too sullen and too out of touch,

Their programs are hostile all day and all night,
No wonder they always lose out to the right.

Universal Health Care comes closer this fall,
When malpractice lawsuits are barred one and all.

Political Correctness takes a cultural hit
When trends make the 50s a fashionable fit.

Same sex marriages are finally outlawed,
But legal same sex partnerships allowed, so who cares what it's called?

The War in Iraq brings us peace there at last
And rewards the GOP with really cheap gas.

Major Media is transformed to be fair with their views,
And it all suddenly looks just like Fox News.

For those in the middle, there will be fears too
That some of these predictions just might come true.

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