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August 24, 2007

Christian Concern?

Roy Meachum

Charity to Muslims is "Zagat," which requires the faithful to share with their less privileged brothers and sisters. In the Old Testament, Jews were told to turn away from their table no one needy. The very essence of Christ's teaching was we must comfort all other human beings.

Commissioner Charles A. Jenkins obviously practices a faith of his own invention. His proposal to turn away the sick and needy, including helpless children, goes against both the Bible and the Quran.

Mr. Jenkins splutters when seeking to justify his demand that agencies and organizations be cut-off from county money unless they require all their clients submit to his version of a police state.

If a child breaks a leg, a woman needs medication, or a man is unable to feed his family, in the commissioner's view, they would all have to provide documents that they were legally in Frederick. The rest of us don't. A person could bleed to death and he doesn't care unless the red tape is observed.

In other words, Mr. Jenkins wants the county to assume responsibility for watchdog duties that belong to federal and state governments. He believes all Winchester Hall's employees have time they don't know how to use profitably.

But then I might misunderstand: All the groups on the receiving end of any county tax dollars, he wants to turn themselves in. Even in those cases where Annapolis and Washington require their funding be administered in line with clients' needs and not any other standard.

Together will radical buddy John "Lennie" Thompson, he wants beheaded any and all who fail to meet his standards. This time he's talking about legal residency; what comes next?

After all Mr. Thompson used their religion as a club to beat local - and legal - Muslims of their right to buy land that would have housed a place of worship, a school and a cemetery. How threatening to the public good, he suggested.

He dealt in an extreme application of zoning's fine print. He succeeded in depriving the Frederick Islamic Council by denying permission previously granted to the last two potential buyers of the same tract.

Mr. Thompson drew support from residents like Mr. Jenkins who forcefully demonstrates a highly developed xenophobia. No matter what the first-term commissioner says, that's what's behind his anti-immigrant proposal.

William Donald Schaefer would instantly understand. After leaving the governor's throne for the lesser chair of state comptroller, Mr. Schaefer complained to the media he had trouble getting his favorite fast food because his servers spoke broken English.

Well, the real problem was the lack of "real Americans" willing to apply for employment with your favorite hamburger chain. Don't kid yourself, commissioner, employers prefer workers they know understands the language. They're not on the hiring line. The wages, it seems, are too low to satisfy the dignity of many poor Americans.

While Mr. Jenkins probably understands that reality, he knows more voters object to the newcomers, legal or not, and their brown faces. Maybe more important: they are not from a minority that swings political weight in this community.

So the rest of us get lumped with the commissioner and suspected of being bigots by our neighbors in other jurisdictions. But that's not what's important in this case.

As I said, Mr. Jenkins stands revealed as the follower of no faith and certainly no Christian. Jesus asked that all humanity's poor and misfortunate to come unto Him.

Mr. Jenkins demonstrates forcefully he believes nothing said in the Bible about Christian charity or the Koran's declaration of Zagat. Shame on him!

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