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As Long as We Remember...

August 10, 2007

Still In Denial

Edward Lulie III

Those that worship at the altar of Global Warming just love this time of year, why? Because it is hot. It is easier to sell their whole "man-made global warming" religion to people sweltering in 100 degrees and 100% humidity than it would be in winter.

In the colder months people might be more willing to buy into a global cooling scenario because their judgment is altered by their environment. Freezing toes tend to make you think of those dreadful hot and humid days with longing, not loathing. But not me, I'm a denier.

In the course of staying informed I read a lot of blogs on the subject of global warming. Recently there has been a trend by supporters of global warming to insist that the debate is "over," that the science is "settled" and that anyone who dares to disagree is a "denier." Well.that would be me.

The science has never been settled (is it really ever settled? on anything?) and this issue is widely disputed and not just by energy industry scientists. Theories should be challenged.

Part of science is that for a theory to be accepted it must survive rigorous and extensive challenges and testing. Global warming as a theory has reached a state where proponents drink coffee and sagely nod to each other "yep they're all deniers if they don't agree."

That is much easier than considering evidence that might actually refute the Global Warming Theory. That energy is saved for a seek-and-destroy mission against the renegades that dare to bring such evidence to the public's attention. Never before has science demanded that new claims be adopted because "it's the right thing to do for our planet."

How do they know? The answer is simply that they don't.

Last spring's planned global warming crisis meetings were weakened by unseasonable cold or were actually snowed out. If I were a zealot, I'd be holding marches in Washington right now while the pavement is hot enough to fry eggs on.

Then as marchers, felled by the heat, are taken away in ambulances, it would create a media photo op. Reporters could eagerly make the claim that fallen marchers were actually "victims" of a society that refuses to accept the global warming crisis. Hmmm. sorry I suggested that. It would work.

Now evidence and data keeps appearing to refute the whole concept, that man is causing a warming trend. Even the notion that there is warming is in question by some. Any idiot can claim a warming trend is proved when you place your temperature sensors on concrete or next to the exhaust vents of air conditioners.

Amazingly enough that has been done, but the data already collected has gone unchallenged into the record and is used as, big surprise here, more evidence of global warming.

Next time you read a newspaper article about global warming call them up and demand they start placing such material where it belongs, in the Religion Section.

Our planet has been here a very long time. In our past it has had many and very intense climate shifts before man ever appeared. Our own data is woefully deficient and not complete enough to prove anything, unless you play with numbers and use a computer "modeling" system. You are supposed to believe in warming due to long range forecasting models from the same people who can not predict tomorrow's weather!

I deny. I deny that they have data sufficient enough to base any claim on. I deny that they have an objective viewpoint free of bias. I deny that Al Gore is making sense; he's just shouting slogans. I'm a denier.

I'm still denying. But man, it is HOT! But not quite bad enough to make me change my mind.yet.

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