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As Long as We Remember...

June 21, 2007

The Coming Sideshow

Chris Cavey

Many traditional and annual events occur in the fall, fairs, festivals, the World Series, plus the outstanding beauty of Mother Nature as Maryland's trees burst into full autumn colors. This year, however, Maryland will witness a very unique event as legislators convene in Annapolis, in special session, for the sole purpose of raising your taxes.

You may not realize the long-term political planning that is involved in hoodwinking the public, so pay close attention to this brief explanation, extracted from the playbook of the party of trickery and taxation - our friends, the Maryland Democrats.

First, total power is needed within the triumvirate of our governor, president of the State Senate and the speaker of the House of Delegates. Thus the build-up to the 2006 election and the Democrat theme of "Win back the Governor - at all costs." We all remember that not only was their mission accomplished, but in the process what they did resulted in admonishment by the Maryland Court of Appeals - at least twice. (Note: Breaking the law is bad.)

Next step: The honeymoon do-nothing legislative session. This was a time to lull the press into the sleepiness that all is well in government because Democrats are in charge. This was a period used to renew the old acquaintances of spendthrift government and for the public to remember how nicely total power corrupts totally.

The last step needed before the special session is for Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller to command the Senate Chamber to be re-carpeted and re-wired, another important show of clout and control within the structure of power addiction. That now accomplished, the stage is set for an expensive October.

Here is what is going to happen. You, dear taxpayer, are going to pay for a special session so the Democrat-controlled legislature can raise your taxes. Those who will call this session have little regard for you or for themselves.

They are - in effect - saying we could not accomplish our duties within our time restraints, so we are charging you, the citizen, for our unnecessary over-time. They are saying we cannot fiscally control your government or ourselves because we are poor at planning and uncontrolled in our spending. They are arrogant enough to believe you will not notice.

The press, being a patsy of one-party control and the lover of political monopolies, will never figure out this game plan; and, if they do, they will not report these events to the voting public for fear of a possible revival of a two-party system.

The pending session will entail the greatest snow job of this new millennium. Within a very short time Maryland's citizens will be taxed, not only greater than anytime in the memory of most adult, but from more varied sources and directions than ever before.

Citizens will have a 20% increase in sales tax, a progressive gas tax, new levels of state income tax, increased fees for day-to-day state services, and tax on business services that the citizen uses (except, of course, attorney fees)! Do you really believe this can be accomplished in a short session without a master plan? Get a life; this is the same body that takes hours debating the size and weight of a scoop of ice cream.

The odd part is that citizens will complain relatively little and soon forget these heinous crimes of taxation. Sad to say Marylanders will buy this bill of goods and later - to add insult to injury - will quickly forget, come election time, just who stole from their paycheck.

Just like the snake oil salesmen of old, the Democrats will entice and entrance you into acceptance of all taxes with the promise of slots in Maryland.

Yes, that right, boys and girls, Mom's and Dad's, step right up and get your long awaited slots; the cost to you.bear a few more taxes only a penny here and just a nickel there! But, no worries, for a quarter you can win your increase in taxes back! What a deal.

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