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As Long as We Remember...

June 1, 2007

Enforcement? Like the last 30 years?

Edward Lulie III

The rising tide for Democrats may have hit the high water mark. Their political fortunes are endangered by two things, the war in Iraq and the pending immigration bill.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, of California, caved on withdrawal dates and has leftists tossing their sandals into San Francisco Bay in protest. The immigration bill has the unlikely sight of Ted Kennedy joined at the hip in a political marriage with President George W. Bush. Somehow that just doesn't seem right. Makes you wonder if either party really has a clue.

Democrats, since their takeover of Congress, have managed to get their approval ratings even lower than those of the president. Those grand promises and pledges made have been largely ignored and broken. Ms. Pelosi is rapidly gaining a reputation as hard nosed, partisan and inept. All of those fine anti-nuke, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialism folk-singing and burning Mr. Bush in effigy crowd are now fuming mad because the war in Iraq wasn't ended like they wanted.

That added an edge of anti-war zealotry to Memorial Day, which in recent years has gained a more somber tone of dignity and remembrance. Now the far left cries "Betrayed" - by the Democrats agreeing to keep funding the war. The delusional thinking of the far left includes the following gems:

1.) Democrats were elected to end the war!

Their victory was managed by electing Democrats who promised to support our troops and were conspicuously not anti-war. Remember "we will do it smarter?" Remember "we will manage it correctly and fix Bush's mistakes?"

2.) The American public wants to end the war now.

Well, they do; but only if it ends in an American victory and that's what the polling data shows too.

For the moment at least, the major issue in the public's mind is not the War in Iraq; it is the growing unrest at home over illegal immigration.

Frankly, politicians have gravely underestimated the anger of voters on this issue. Voters actually recall the last immigration bill that granted amnesty and made many promises about fixing the borders and enforcing laws.

They can see that we have 12-20 million illegals already here.

They know Congress and subsequent presidents betrayed them after the last deal to fix the problem and have allowed the ongoing violation of both our laws and our national sovereignty.

They know that we wouldn't need to deal with this problem again if only our existing laws had actually been enforced instead of ignored.

Many Democrats have agreed to the enforcement provisions in the new bill because they trust that our government will continue to refuse to enforce any new laws just as it has refused to enforce all previous laws.

Republicans, who believe that enforcement will happen, have forgotten Ronald Reagan's dictum of "trust, but verify." We already have laws, lots of them, and they aren't enforced.

Local governments have been bullied by illegal consent decrees that prevent them from asking for proof of citizenship. Our own INS has looked the other way and let a catch-and-release system dissolve into a look-away-first policy. Many Democrats don't even see a problem, just millions of world citizens who might soon become voting Democrats.

Has the crisis reached another of those historical tipping points that have periodically occurred through our nation's history? Do we really need 12-20 million more poor people with little English skills, no education and a complete lack of understanding what citizenship means?

I just love the reason most cited to show that we do need them: that no one will work for low wages. Well, duh! If there is no one willing to work for those wages, then wages will go up until someone will do the job! I thought Democrats were for higher wages for workers?

We could actually send all the illegals home; in fact we should. But, as it would take years, cost money and cause pain, it probably won't happen.

Imagine for a second that financial institutions had to have proof of citizenship before they could deal with customers? Think that might make it hard to continue being illegal? No more instant deposits to be immediately available to those back home? So, is that on the table? No, because that might work.

Our social security system is already broken. Just wait until 20 million uneducated, poor immigrants show up for their benefits when they never contributed anything to it in the first place.

Our schools are already facing the elimination of sports, activities and improvements to pay for the special education that non-English speaking illegal children need. That's not fair to our own citizens and these burdens being added to their futures are simply unacceptable.

My own guess is that the outrage levels have reached a boiling point and we will now see politicians doing their usual routine in times of crisis: running away from the problem and heading for cover at Olympic speeds.

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