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As Long as We Remember...

May 24, 2007

A Campaign for Tax Addiction

Chris Cavey

Citizens of Maryland beware; drugs are not the only evil working to breakdown the fiber of our society. There is another addictive force at work, with its roots in Annapolis - taxes.

Like drugs and drug addiction, money is a powerful motivating force. Money can purchase power, surround you with worldly goods, allude to the notion of knowledge and surround the benefactor with a surreal feeling of self-importance.

This is why Maryland does not have term-limits for our legislators. They are addicted and the public is soaked in the ignorance of blindly voting for incumbent elected officials.most of the time. But that's another story.

Currently, dear citizen, you are being set-up for tax addiction. The Democrat leaders in state government want you to crave with desire a need to pay higher taxes. The sad part of this commentary is that over the next several months all but a few will willingly submit.

Think about the past five months. Gov. Martin O'Malley has taken Maryland from fiscally sound - with a large surplus - to the brink of bankruptcy. Our credit limit is to the edge of loosing the highest bond rating available, our Transportation Trust Fund has been raided and Maryland has spent like a sailor on leave.

The media and the legislature have given Governor O'Malley a honeymoon to adjust to the huge job of CEO of Maryland; however, this same legislature has not even tried to passively correct the blatant mistakes of over spending. Why?

All of this is happening because you needed to be prepared - or perhaps tricked - into developing the desire so you will beg to be taxed.

Governor O'Malley and Democrat leaders are currently greasing some of the squeakiest wheels of special interest groups who helped them defeat Bob Ehrlich. But these groups are currently getting only a small taste of "the fruits of their labors." Now that all our money has been drawn down from our savings and trust funds to the bare minimums, the taste of power and desire for these groups cannot continue without revenue.

Minor "adjustments" are being made to give the appearance of filling the great hole of debt needed to fund programs. A few used cars are being sold and a great show being made in the press. The O'Malley State-Stat program is gearing up to cherry pick a few dollars of savings in order to have proof at a later time that an effort was made to nickel-and-dime savings.

Meantime, everyone has forgotten that Governor Ehrlich left us a surplus. Little to no press attention was given to the comprehensive plan presented to the General Assembly in the just completed session by the Republican leadership to fix Maryland's problems without raising taxes. The reason is the Democrats want to spread the addictive message of taxes.

Here is the prediction of our future. Soon we will have another legislative session and the theme from Democrat leadership will be selling tax desire to the citizens of Maryland.

They will attempt to convince you that you need higher taxes to afford the programs that are best for our society. Naturally these programs will be self-serving to constituencies who financially support Democrat leadership and their desire for continued political power.

You need higher taxes to educate our children. The great lie that education cannot be fully funded without taxes and higher education costs will not increase.

You will be told that slots in Maryland will only work with an overall tax package. The idea of slots saving everything will be the hook used to turn Republicans against Republican legislators in an effort to force them to vote for taxes in order to vote for slots. Hopefully Republicans will resist the tax addiction and not fall prey to the trap.

You will be told we are in need of reform and updating in our views of taxation in Maryland. Gas tax should be a percentage tax, income tax is in need of reform, sin taxes can be increased and taxes on services are reasonable and happen in other states.

Sad to say, in the end you will agree and become addicted. with little argument.

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