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As Long as We Remember...

April 26, 2007

Facing the Evil among Us

Chris Cavey

The tragedy at Virginia Tech made an entire nation stop and think about its mortality. We know we are time-restricted beings and feel uncomfortable when any catastrophic event reminds us that our lifespan is finite.

Actuaries will tell you that your chances of dying by firearms assault are 1:314. Perhaps that is higher than you would like to think. Frankly, in the Baltimore metropolitan region the chances are greater than the national average. After all Baltimore is the always among the top "most dangerous cities in America."

None-the-less, math tells us that you have a 1:218 chance of dying from a fall, and 1:84 odds that you will be killed in an automobile accident. Laws can and will continue to be made to try to protect society from cars and guns; but laws cannot control random acts of evil.

Debates will rage in the media about the individual who took so many lives in such a short rampage in Blacksburg, VA, and the depth of his sickness. Eventually someone will blame his ills on society as a whole and they will miss the fact that there is evil in our world.

The terrorists who flew planes into the towers in New York were evil. Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Stalin and many others in history were evil. All needed removal from civilized society because suffering, sorrow and death should not be celebrated or justified.

Evil is, by definition, the fact of suffering, misfortune, and wrongdoing; something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity. Evil is just plain bad.

Seung-Hui Cho was a terrorist on a campus of higher education. He met the definition of evil and we should never allow the media or liberal society to justify tolerance of this evil or those who cause such evils.

The Virginia Tech tragedy is not a debate about guns or mental health. It is a debate about your tolerance to our society's allowances and acceptances. You should be upset that lives were senselessly ended and thankful that the same immoral man will not repeat the act.

You see, this happens everyday; it's just that most of the time it is one victim at a time, however, no less of a misfortune or sorrow and certainly no less devastation to any family. But these random acts of wickedness are being tolerated.not removed.

This week liberal and tolerant society secretly sighed with relief that this young man took his own life. They know that if he were caught there would be years of trial and incarceration and eventually a life of imprisonment in a mental institution.

In such a case, evil would live on in our society. It would then live not only within the walls of a prison cell, but it would have spread into society. Because society would have accepted this bit of tolerance and eventually all but the affected families would forget about this specific sin.

The best case for proof of evil in our world is the fact we enjoy recognizing good when we see it. We reward heroes; we honor soldiers and love our families. If good is among us, evil must be present too.we just don't want to face it and should never accept it.

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