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As Long as We Remember...

April 12, 2007

Translations, Please!

Chris Cavey

Late Monday the 423rd session of the Maryland General Assembly adjourned Sine Die. In modern legal context, it means there is nothing left to do, so no date for further proceedings is set. It is the end of the session. Deo gratias! (thanks [be] to God!).

Just as the usage of Sine Die brings formality, ceremony and custom to the end of session, there are other Latin phrases which also accentuate some of the session highlights.

The media is declaring this session to be "calm," "lackluster," "without contention." The Latin translation of this is: Te audire no possum, musa sapienum fixa est in aura (I'm sorry, I can't hear you, I have a banana stuck in my ear.)

The correct version of this is: "The Democrats, for the most part, bullied their way into doing what they wanted, when they wanted to do it." It made for dull press because there were no bomb-throwers and journalists worked hard to find contention between political parties.

Republicans legislators were the voices of reason this session. They put forth alternatives, argued public policy logically and threw few, if any, bombs at the other side. Fortis est veritas (Truth is strong).

The Republicans spearheaded the legislation to toughen Maryland's formerly water-downed version of Jessica's Law to the corrected model passed through both chambers. They did this the old fashioned way by engaging the public to take action. Audiatur et altera pars (Let the other side be heard, too).

They also lead the charge and effectively killed the ideas of repealing the death penalty, banning assault weapons and presented excellent argument on budget amendments.

Ninety days ago the media painted these same Republicans as infighting and argumentative; preparing the public for reports of bomb-throwing radicals who were angry about losing a governorship. It turns out the GOP were the real diplomats of the legislature. Ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power).

The Democrats, on the other hand, rammed through legislation that was liberal, progressive and costly. You will be required now to pay more for cleaner cars. You will be required to pay more for gasoline. Employers will be required to pay a mandated "living wage," one that they actually legislated to discriminate net worth and value of the employee by jurisdiction. Vincit qui se vincit (he conquers who conquers himself).

Yet, they managed pass a law to apologize for slavery. Frankly I didn't realize there were any former slave owners elected to our hallowed halls in Annapolis. The apology that was needed is to the working, tax paying families in Maryland for spending more tax money than revenues received! Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges (when the republic is at its most corrupt, the laws are most numerous).

Our legislators passed a $30 billion dollar budget while running the rainy day fund down to the minimum, then had a discussion on raising the debt cap. All the while procrastinating on the fact that additional revenues will be needed by the time they return to Annapolis. Malum quo communius eo peius (the more common an evil is, the worse it is).

Soon there will be a special session called for the sole reason of looking for revenue. Slots will be on the agenda. This time "Miller style." Also on the agenda will be taxes, lots of taxes to pay for Governor Martin O'Malley's campaign promises, past and future. Ad nauseam (To the point of disgust).

We taxpayers will soon pay extra for a special session, called just to raise our taxes. Ironic isn't it. This is done because you, dear readers, have the memory of a nat and the Democrat leadership gives you respect proportional to that perceived memory size. Absolutum dominium (absolute dominion).

Three years from now, in 2010, you will only remember the jingle of the coins in the slot machines. You will be used to paying the increase tax rate; it will be ancient history by then. You will be looking for the next campaign promise and seeing only how it benefits you. Non compos mentis (Not in control of one's faculties).

Perhaps a little contention in Annapolis is good for the people. Stercus accidit

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