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February 27, 2007

"Wealthy" Citizens Raided Again

Farrell Keough

As said by Satchel Paige, "Sometimes you need to sit and think, and sometimes you need to just sit." Not sure which of these I was doing the day I heard about this, but I realized that I, (like you) have far and away too much money. I also recognized that I, (like you) have no earthly idea as to how to spend that incredible extra income correctly!

Fortunately, my government, once again, comes to the rescue by deciding just how to spend this extra wealth! On January 10, 2007, Del. Victor R. Ramirez (D., PG) introduced (again) a bill entitled: Higher Education - Tuition Charges - Maryland High School Students.

Under this innocuous title, tremendous changes will occur if it is passed. We will get the opportunity to pay for "illegal" aliens' tuition as well as the possible side-effects of allowing more "illegal" aliens into our vast nation!

I, (like some of you) work predominately with people from other countries. Some are here on visas, some are naturalized citizens. This bill will circumvent that noxious process in many respects.

Of course, those silly friends and co-workers of mine may be a bit upset at having gone through the process, scrutiny, legal fees, and long wait of becoming citizens of these United States; but who are we to judge their foolishness?

Our "representative's" are elected to make these high level decisions we are incapable of wrapping our arms around. And that these folks wasted their time, money, and worry over such things as following the law is simply an indication that they do not understand the intricacies either! In other words, they are now foolish Americans, just like you and me!

But I digress.

Let me explain the simplicity of this bill. First, Delegate Ramirez obviously understands the plight of breaking the law far and away better than we could.

"The least we can do, if we're allowing people to cut our yards, wash our cars, clean our homes for probably very cheap wages, the least you can do is let their children have an opportunity - that's the American way."

The American Way! How quickly we forget. Our mothers and fathers knew the American Way, but somehow, it has passed us by. The American Way must be to break the law, enter this country "illegally," make money, (either under-the-table or maybe with a stolen Social Security number), not pay taxes, and raise your children with all the amenities the country has to offer!

And you thought it was something else, didn't you?

This House Bill 6 by Delegate Ramirez will graciously pay for an "illegal" alien to attend a public institution of higher education. Now, of course, there are some stipulations. I mean, we are not about to just give money away, are we?

The "certain individuals" must have attended a public or nonpublic secondary school in Maryland for at least two years, (err.., ahhh, not really specific if this was a concurrent two years or even the last two years) and graduated or received the equivalent of a high school diploma.

The other big issue is the "certain individuals" must provide the public institution of higher education an "affidavit stating that the individual will file an application to become a permanent resident within 30 days after the individual becomes eligible to do so."

Of course this raises some questions, like what constitutes a valid affidavit? A Notary Public signature or some "authorized" official? Will the public institution of higher education be responsible for following up on said affidavit? How will the "certain individuals" become a permanent resident, and how long will that process take, especially considering the "fact" that they are currently breaking the law by being in this country "illegally?"

But isn't that the beauty of having such representation? I am obviously deficient in my understanding of "The American Way," hence these vexing questions.

Fortunately, with such admirable representation, use of my tax dollars, and deeper understanding of the law, Delegate Ramirez has overcome these obstacles with a swipe of the pen! We should all be thankful to Delegate Ramirez for seeing through the racism, (implied or not) and haughtiness of believing citizens of these United States should follow the laws to achieve "The American Way."

The children of these "illegal" immigrants should not be punished for the actions of their parents! It is up to our government to rescue them from the actions of their parents. Isn't that what our nation was founded upon? Rescuing those who have been involved in illegal acts? Thank you, Delegate Ramirez.

[Oh, by-the-by, my son noted two things of interest about this bill.

1) How will people "illegally" here find out that we, (the tax paying public) will pay the extra for their tuition?

2) Many of these "illegal" or "certain individuals" will see this as a 'trap' to get them to give over the information they so desperately want to hide about their status - at least, if we - as a law abiding nation - were actually following through with our own laws.]

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