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February 1, 2007

It Depends On What "One" Is

Chris Cavey

The battle cry from the Statehouse is "One Maryland," repeated many times in our new governor's speeches. Just what does that mean? It sounds so simple, yet Webster's Dictionary tells us there are many definitions of "one."

One is just being a single unit or thing such as one state named Maryland and only one governor, Martin O'Malley.

One is also something in particular - such as early one morning I realized Martin O'Malley was really Maryland's governor.

One can mean preeminently what is indicated as in - Bob Ehrlich was sure one fine governor. He had many programs that enhanced Maryland's future.

One can be the same in kind or quality, like - Parris Glendening and Martin O'Malley are both of one mind to choose the same people for cabinet members. Odd that there are so many "former Glendening appointees."

One can be the combined elements to form one substance, like - Democrats control the legislative and the executive branches of government so we now have one party in total control.

One can be in agreement or union such as - Governor O'Malley saying to Speaker Busch and Senate President Miller - "I am one with you on this issue." A phrase we will certainly hear more than one time.

With these definitions in mind more than one thought came to my mind.

Governor O'Malley will have one very hard time in the future with decisions concerning the needs for revenue. One of the first items on his agenda was to spend most of our one and only rainy-day fund. We all know that former Governor Ehrlich brought Maryland from a budget deficit left by one Parris Glendening to a surplus that will now be spent by one Gov. Martin O'Malley.

One has to wonder exactly what is the plan for future revenue. If the past is any indication Democrat leadership in the house and Senate are not of one mind on the idea of slots for additional revenues; so a good guess would be we are heading for one big tax increase for Maryland's citizens.

One of the highlights of the Ehrlich administration was The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund. Perhaps Governor O'Malley will continue this one excellent Ehrlich program. That shouldn't be expected, however, now that there is one party control in Annapolis the environmental wonks and press will convince you that this is one of O'Malley's finest programs.

One of my worries is the rising cost of energy. Soon the hammer will drop and BGE will send me my monthly billing and there will be one huge rate increase. One of the things most people dislike is when they are told one thing and then something else happens. Remember Democrats were of one mind on controlling this one.

One of the biggest problems facing society is the cost of health care. Governor O'Malley thinks that one size fits all with a healthcare program to cover everyone in Maryland. Hopefully there will be not just one but many legislators who see that different people have different needs and many small businesses will be in jeopardy of failing with this one issue.

One Maryland should be one interesting concept; however, one has to ponder if any one program can be so encompassing that everyone can be of one mind about its one big chance to be O'Malley's one battle cry for uniting our citizens and legislature as one.

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