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January 24, 2007

Leading the Charge Backwards

Maude Franceschina

I am really trying to figure out what exactly is the Democrats' goal for our country. They keep saying we are off track on everything and they need to fix everything; yet all indicators say otherwise. Our economy is strong; our unemployment is low; and our media is still unquestionably biased. What's to fret about, really?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) just announced Congress will be making college affordable for the middle class. Yeah, and free for the illegals. Medical care affordable. Yeah, and free for the illegals; social security.ACK. I can't listen to her anymore.

The Democrats have much work to do. They must continue to encourage people to form small political groups and to identify themselves in ways that suggest they may be in need of some minority protection. Everyone is a member of a minority group. At this time in history, it's only necessary to determine which one.

If our country continues down this road, there is little hope for us. I am not sure there is much hope left now. Singers of the National Anthem are beaten in San Francisco, the most liberal city in the United States. Isn't that, in fact, Mrs. Pelosi's district?

I'm just a small town mom. There is not a lot I can do about the issues facing our nation other than speaking my mind. I believe in truth; and I believe in our nation's Constitution, which, by the way, took 12 years to ratify. I think I am a patient person when it comes to issues of great importance, like the Iraq war and the defeat of terrorism. After all, we have been enduring unanswered attacks for 28 years.

Iraq is not a simple issue, yet many simple people are voicing their displeasure in how it is being handled.

Some people say they can't see how the media is biased. They say it seems that it is presented in a balanced way, and so what if many of the commentators worked for various Democrat causes and elected officials.

Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, once said anyone who thought he was a liberal was just dumb. Guess I'm dumb. I saw him at The Weinberg Center last November and he sounded about as liberal as they come. I lost count of how many times he mentioned that President Bush went to bed at 9:30 p.m., I ran out of fingers (that is how we stupid people count). Not once did he mention what time President Bush gets up, I'm told it's 5:30 a.m. It could be earlier though, I am rarely there.

If you can't hear the bias in the media, you might want to look into the website and see some examples. You can decide for yourself, but you should practice listening for editorialized news. It is all around you. Some media is openly biased, like right wing talk shows who plainly state their positions on issues. Others are subversive but present themselves as "balanced."

The liberals want the return of the "fairness doctrine" so government can control the content of the right-wing media that identifies itself openly. After all, some of those sources have become incredibly popular, drawing large audiences, who then miss the daily brainwashing offered by the mainstream.

We are encouraged to drug our kids, drug ourselves, and for those who choose not to visit the pharmacy, we actually prosecute border guards who shoot at drug dealers. Liberals want to make sure that stuff gets to the street. How else will they build support for their stupid elitist policies? People need to have at least some dead brain cells to buy into their stupid rhetoric.

We have had laws proposed which seek to judge a person not only for their action but to assign certain types of thoughts to the action to increase penalties. Now our liberal friends are mind readers.

I believe we are doing the right thing in Iraq. The Democrats who continue to speak against our country only give aid and comfort to our enemies. With every meaningless criticism, I imagine a sniper aiming at one of our soldiers.

The debates were held, the votes were taken, our troops are committed and we must win. How much of the resistance has been built up and encouraged by our politicians very publicly backpedaling and trying to align themselves with the polls?

The discouragement in the nation comes not only from the media; it's also from our own congressmen who would love nothing more than a defeat in Iraq so they can win the White House for their party. In a poll taken last week, more people think "most Democrats" want the Bush plan to fail and for him to have to withdraw troops in defeat (48%), than think Democrats want the plan to succeed and lead to a stable Iraq (32%).

It comes from some so-called Republicans, too, "Republicans from space." They usually vote liberal anyway. An anti-war view as a Republican guarantees you a weekend talk show spot. Chuck Hagel is all over the television.

Anti-war groups are talking out of both sides of their mouths. "We support the troops but not the war," is stupid. You can't. Not in this world of instant media, of televised sound bites being fed to our enemies. The message they have gotten from the Democrats is "Bloody us more, we have almost beaten ourselves."

The elections were not a referendum on the war. If you look at each race, there were many close elections and the seats changed for many reasons.

I have always believed there is something in a name. Sometime I will write an entire column on this; for now, try this anagram:

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: "Yo ho ho, fluent sickener appeases."


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