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As Long as We Remember...

November 7, 2006

Election Watch

Edward Lulie III

Vote early and then go home, turn off the radio and TV. Decide now that a day spent with family, books or DVDs will be far better spent than one wasted by trying to decipher network reporting of "trends" as the election day goes by.

Consider, too, the likelihood that many races will not be over until after the absentee ballots have been counted, something that may take weeks. Why torment yourself? Once you vote simply put the election out of your thoughts and take a mini-vacation.

It is almost certain that Democrats will make gains. Lost in that story is how the party has more conservative candidates in many tight races to appeal to more moderate voters. Listen to the old media and Howard Dean and you will hear the story line that at last the nation has rejected materialism, greed and the GOP and been enlightened to embrace "progressive" European socialism. They won't use the words, but that is the bottom line.

Moderates and conservatives rejoice! Recall that the last "progressive" president, Jimmy "Do You Believe in Peanut Butter" Carter, was so dreadful that he inspired voters to reject him and that gave us eight years of Ronald Reagan, who ended the cold war with a resounding win that freed millions from communist regimes.

The last time progressives were too free with their blueprints was back when Hillary Clinton allowed the public to get a whiff of her secret plans for a progressive style health care system. The result of voters' appreciation for that bit of socialism helped to bring about the GOP revolution in 1994 and ended decades of Democrat control of the House of Representative.

I assure you that the socialism and partisanship of a House run by Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel will be loud and extreme. Just how far do you think the Democrats will get with proposals like national cash reparations for slavery?

Democrats, still thinking about how it used to be, believe that months of hearings on their "issues" will create the public support to elect more Democrats in 2008. That assumes the old media's blind support for biased hearings and getting the theme out, something unlikely to be successful in an era of Internet, blogs, Fox News and The Drudge Report.

Instead you can expect every crackpot socialistic scheme to be exposed and offered up for ridicule on the Internet. That will be more likely to sweep the GOP back into power (if they do lose control) than to assure Democrats of continued gains.

Sadly, the major media continues to try to sway elections by using polling data that biases the results to the left. Polls to the contrary are simplify ignored or buried.

Look at Michael Steele! Polls, with few exceptions, have him deadlocked with Ben Cardin. Yet the media continues to put Maryland's race in the Democrat column under the theme "hatred of Bush, the GOP, and the War in Iraq leads to Democratic resurgence of power." (And about time too!).

I believe that we will see Michael Steele become the black senator from Maryland. If Lieutenant Governor Steele does win, his election will punch a hole in the Democrat's traditional, and long taken for granted, control of the "black" vote. That may have more far reaching consequences than anything else happening on Election Day.

Even if Democrats do win control of both the House and the Senate they will still face President Bush. He may be unpopular but he will be holding a pen ready to veto their progressive agenda. Democrats will not have margins large enough to override his vetoes.

So, grab a drink, get a good book or warm up that DVD player; reality will still be there waiting for you tomorrow.

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