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As Long as We Remember...

November 3, 2006

Who Gets The Mandate?

Edward Lulie III

Can a political party legitimately claim a mandate in an off-year election? Expect that after the polls close Tuesday, one party will be standing on top of their chairs and screaming "Mandate! Mandate! Mandate!"

Let us imagine that Democrats do indeed pick up 15 to 16 seats (or more) and are about to regain control of - what they truly believe is their own personal property - the House of Representatives.

After this election what would you expect to hear coming from Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco? Will she make promises about bipartisan cooperation? A plea for unity? Support for the president in a time of war?

Nope, you will hear something along the lines of "this is a rejection of 12 years of Republican rule, a rejection of tax cuts and a rejection of GOP social policies and a rejection of the War in Iraq." The left will also demand that the War in Iraq must end immediately. Likely they will insist that the United States apologize for being a world power and not bowing to the progressive wisdom of their socialist brethren in France, including an extensive apology by us to our enemies.

Democrats will return to power howling that the president must now heed their wishes and sign anything that they manage to pass. Their reasoning will be that "We have a mandate!"

My personal belief is that the trio of Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel of New York and Henry Waxman, also of California, will produce a hysterical, shrill and exceedingly partisan session of Congress. The resulting voter disgust will sweep Republicans back into the power for decades to come.

Howard Dean's brand of Democrat socialism has captured the hearts and minds of every radical and extremist in the country. After 12 years in the wilderness, they will be absolutely desperate to legislate. "Global Warming" hysteria will become a 24/7 non-stop marathon event for all political gatherings, much like the National Anthem being played before sporting events.

Every conceivable scheme that Democrats can dream up to force a reluctant United States into becoming a progressive paradise will be brought forth. Their goal will be to force the U.S.A. to pass under the yoke of our new planetary government, the United Nations. Once that is achieved the world might be free at last of imperialism and then wealth (of the U.S.A. at least) might begin to be doled out, with an appropriate amount sticking to the fingers of many selfless U.N. bureaucrats.

Of course, there was never a single word mentioned about progressivism during the election campaign. Democrats generally pretended to be moderates when they weren't railing against President Bush. The left realizes that since voters are simply too stupid to understand what's really good for them they must be led by deception to a progressive paradise. The trio, unmasked by the freedom to rule, may be expected to delight in an orgy of partisan extremism that will send shivers down the spines of everyone living in "red" states.

What happens if the GOP does, against the best efforts of the old media to rig the contest, hold onto the House and Senate? Will they be able to resist making a claim of "Mandate" themselves?

Considering that the major media publicly declared the Democrats had won everything way back in August, it will be impossible not to. How could they resist then at least claiming a mandate to finish the job in Iraq?

If Democrats do take the House and Senate, what will change? Not much, other than a Democrat orgy of gleeful media coverage; the people's house returned at last to reason after a decade in the hands of evil.

Democrats simply will not have majorities large enough to do much of anything against President Bush's vetoes. They might start with a trial balloon about impeaching President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. A current pipe dream of the far left is that they can dump them and install Ms. Pelosi as president.

Democrats have been frustrated for over a decade at their lack of ability to hold hearings; they dearly loved to stage "show trials" to push their agendas and punish their enemies.

Younger readers may not know what it was like back in those glorious days when liberal dinosaurs walked the halls of Congress and when committee chairmen, like Henry B. Gonzales of Texas, ran their hearings as highly organized show trials without the slightest attempt to be fair, accurate or non-partisan. These hearings were a brilliant example of what happens when one party rules too long and corruption sets in.

Representative Gonzales glared, screamed and gaveled GOP committee members to silence while offering hearing witnesses the equivalent of champagne (if he liked you) or a firing squad (if he didn't). Of course back when he ran his hearings the television, coverage of Congress was still limited (C-SPAN was just starting), but once the public could see just how partisan and unfair such hearings were, it helped convince them in 1994 that it was time for a change.

Many on the left have long missed those great old days of power and show trials. It just wasn't the same when you had no subpoena power and had to suffer the indignity of not being able to hold hearings on whatever you wanted. In the past it was used as a very successful political club.

Does anyone think the left won't be eager to bring them back again? Imagine some of the many and varied new high profile "hearings" that may be headed our way in months to come; George Bush and Dick Cheney, stolen elections and the destruction of New Orleans (maybe Oprah could host it!). United States Military, threat or menace? Undocumented aliens, how much longer will they be denied their right to vote Democrat? Global warming, a sensible redistribution of wealth through the United Nations, and - last but not least - Rush Limbaugh, eliminating right wing hate speech from our airwaves!

And if the GOP does wins, what will we hear from the left? A concession that Democrats were wrong to stand for nothing but "we hate Bush" and shouldn't have expected victory? Never! There must have been massive election fraud! President Bush and Karl Rove have struck again!

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