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As Long as We Remember...

September 27, 2006

A Muse of Pogo & Fools

Norman M. Covert

I cannot help but recall the famous words by the American 'Possum philosopher Pogo, who opined one day in the swamp drawn by Cartoonist Walt Kelly: "We have met the enemy and they is us!"

Strange, methinks, that the make-believe has become reality, while the daily news has become the fanciful and bizarre. As Shakespeare wrote in "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "What fools these mortals be .."

How else can you explain that so many newspapers here and nationally, try extra hard to quote sources, who charge that America is - and has been - the bad guy since the attacks on the World Trade Centers in September 2001. Totally irrational conclusions!

There are even those whackos, who believe President George W. Bush was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. How absurd can one be?

This writer strongly disagrees with anyone who blames Roman Catholic Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI for inciting Muslims to riot uncontrollably - in front of well-placed reporters and their cameras. What a tragedy that an Italian missionary nun was brutally shot and killed by Muslim gunmen in Somalia during one retaliation last weekend. Excusing the riotous behavior is fatuous.

The Pope's comments, made during a visit to his hometown in Germany, were taken completely out of context. The Muslim backlash proves that rational discussion is impossible to their radical leadership. Negotiation would be an exercise in futility.

Some terror apologists admit they came out of the counter culture of the late '60s and early '70s which featured ostensible "Peace Activists." They were in reality Communist thugs. These anarchists still fool the touchy-feely folks who mean well, but are in reality plainly na´ve.

Relevant facts cannot explain why European countries like France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Turkey have joined the chorus appeasing Islamo-terrorists. They call for the defeat of Israel by Hezbollah, Hamas, the al-aqsa Brigade, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and other insidious groups terrorizing the Middle East, Africa and the Southwest Asia region.

Israel has fought off these groups and their Arab sponsors since the day after its founding by the United Nations in 1948. Israel was invaded 24 hours later and war has only taken respites in 58 years. Life in Israel is perpetual peril.

While Europe pledged with America to never forget the Holocaust, its memorialization of the death camps as tourist venues and annual remembrance ceremonies belie their political actions. The words of their leadership are clearly anti-Jew and anti-Israel. Their United Nations alliances continue to condemn Israel's efforts at self-defense.

Locally we have those who fall all over themselves apologizing for the antics of the Islamo-terrorists, who are treated by these na´ve folks as just "mischievous little boys." Perhaps they are just Dark Angels.

The "Religion of Peace", a monicker being bandied about, proved the Pope's archival reference by recently gathering two believers (Fox News journalists) at the point of a scimitar. They also used an AK-47 assault rifle and probably an explosive vest to point out the Hebrew Prophet Elijah's storied stairway to heaven.

Recently, our local rag pulled up a seat next to the local Muslim Imam and became his mouthpiece, challenging the local Jewish community on its front pages to take part in a "dialogue" and reach mutual understanding.

One man saw through the ruse. Staunch Rabbi Morris Kosman responded to the inquiring reporter that he didn't want any part of such discussions, that there wasn't anything to talk about. Other religious leaders here, however, pandered to this self-serving public relations initiative by the Imam.

The Imam is doing his job, trying to enlist the help of the local pacifists. This new public relations savvy has surprised we professional practitioners of the art of public relations. They have learned from the success of Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels. The once-respected Associated Press, Reuters news service, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, among the so-called mainstream media, have documented alliances now with the terrorists.

Rabbi Kosman is one of the great religious leaders of Frederick. He has not lost the anointing to be a Rabbi, a teacher, nor the teachings of The Torah. He has sat on many a dais in Frederick sharing his wisdom and faith. He knows a public relations ploy when it appears; and he won't be used.

I am awaiting our local Muslim Imam to issue a fatwah, or something within his purview, condemning the society of terrorists and their mission to annihilate the State of Israel, her citizens, allies and especially we Americans.

Only then will there be a basis for "dialogue." In the meantime, the reality is that we must agree - apparently - to disagree and the apologists should stop rewriting history to serve their purpose.

Israel and the Jews fully comprehend the need for self defense and will not appease the enemy. The Hebrew Children have lived in Palestine and environs since the time of Moses, Aaron, and the great soldier Joshua, who showed brilliant military strategy 2,700 years ago - against the same enemies.

Here's hoping America will keep its vigil in the face of these apologists, anarchists and blathering fools.

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