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July 2, 2006

Hoist The Flag!!!!

Tom McLaughlin

Iím a Yankee Doodle liberal! Yankee liberal do or die! A real live nephew of my Democrat Party! Born on the Fourth of July! Iíve got a liberal doodle sweet heart! Hillary Clinton do or die! Hillary came to Washington just to run the country! I am a Hillary Clinton guy!

The birth of our country will be celebrated the day after tomorrow. Here we have a bunch of liberals who revolted against King George and established this great democracy. These radicals, my heroes, wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which has been altered very little since those glorious days of the revolution.

Now someone wants Ė or has introduced an amendment to that glorious document Ė to make it a sin to burn the flag. Old Glory is a symbol. I carry it out each morning and hoist it on my front deck. There is nothing prettier then seeing our banner lifted by the wind with the sand dune and Atlantic Ocean behind it.

The passion of our great democracy burns within our hearts and mind like an eternal flame. Televisions crews show the flag set alight overseas and I say what a pity; but a thousand flags reign inside me and many other liberals.

Conservatives donít have the corner on patriotism; and we donít need an amendment to extinguish a flame that will never die. The passion licks upwards from the graves, the seas and every other place a person has died in defense of this great nation.

Here on The Shore, there is a huge retirement community. As the soldiers from World War II pass into that nether world between reality and the great beyond, they often sport hats announcing their units, ships or squadrons with which they were associated with during what Archie Bunker calls ďThe Big One.Ē

I go up to every person I see in uniform or every person who wears a hat, be they in wheelchairs or immobile in bed during the autumn of their lives and say: ďThank you for serving. I appreciate it and I know our country does too.Ē

But our soldiers do not belong in Iraq. I support the warrior but not the war. Bring them home now. Send in the ships, boats and planes, load them up and give them a heroís welcome home.

For those who still serve, let them come to the flooded areas of Maryland and help with the cleanup. Send them to New Orleans and let us make that city whole again. There are a thousand places in this country where our men and women in uniform are needed and wanted. I can think of the Baltimore docks to help with detecting explosives in containers.

Now, donít hyper ventilate when I say I support Hillary Clinton. I have learned to control myself at the mention of George Bush. I no longer throw a glass at the television when he appears. I respect your decision to support the president, but for the life of I canít understand why; and I assume you feel the same about me. So, letís agree to disagree, fight a good campaign, me for Mayor Martin OíMalley and you for Governor Robert Ehrlich and always remember what those radical liberals cobbled together those few hundred years ago.

God Bless America!

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