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As Long as We Remember...

February 15, 2006

Democrats Stunned Yet Again

Edward Lulie III

Minutes after dawn on Ground Hog Day bewildered Democrats crawled out into the light and saw that the shadow that has followed them relentlessly over the past months was still there; Republicans, despite everything, were still in charge!

George W. Bush is still president and the GOP still rules the House and Senate.

Democrats are stunned by this because inside their insular world view and spin of Howard Dean’s leadership (and the left), it was an accepted fact that the GOP and President Bush were over; they were done, finis.

The Democrats have been impatiently waiting for the moment when George Bush boards a helicopter on the White House lawn and leaves office so that “progress” might begin again. Even the most hardened progressives are beginning to catch on to the stunning truth; that Democrats are still on the outside looking in.

For some of the 25 stalwart leftist Democrat senators are noticing now that their charge and jihad against the Samuel Alito nomination had consequences other than supportive cheering from San Francisco. Their failure to win revealed the disturbing fact that 25 senators are not numerically sufficient to sustain a filibuster. This comes as a shock for many Democrats. It appears that “the no child left behind” act came tragically too late to help them learn the basic arithmetic necessary to count votes in the Senate.

Another unanticipated result was that as a consequence of losing, the gang of 25 looked weak and powerless. The left was revealed as a toothless paper tiger at a time when it needed to demonstrate political strength.

Despite all their best efforts, the left was unable at the end of the day to stop Judge Alito from being confirmed as the newest Supreme Court justice. If you based reality on what you heard from the left, this result was disturbing and unexpected.

The reality that the left is out of power is still ignored by the likes of Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy and apparently their denial will continue despite the mounting evidence such as Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Justice Alito.

Campaign donors, who expect some bang for their bucks come November, are back once again admiring those old battered GOP candidates; apparently they can see things that the left refuses to acknowledge. It also seems that unlike the Stalwart 25, they are able to master the mighty task of counting to 41.

Yet another indication that Democrats aren’t in control came when the Senate held hearings and questioned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on domestic wiretapping. It was hoped by the left that this would be the opening salvo of a major attack on the Bush Administration.

Sadly, for Democrats at least, it was a completely lackluster hearing that ended with no blood in sight. It is hard to recognize that things have changed since the 1980s. Now only Republicans have the power to hold a public show trial like those so popular 20 years ago when Henry B. Gonzales ran his kangaroo court in the House Judiciary Committee.

If you ever watched one of those hearings you saw what the real abuse of power looked like. The minority was quickly given short shift on everything and heavily gaveled into submission by a chairman who believed that a two party system was when lobbyists feted Democrats twice a day.

Democrats were also convincing themselves that there was an ongoing shift in public opinion over the Bush Administration’s handling of the War on Terror. Then came the riots after a cartoon was published depicting Mohammed with a bomb for a hat.

No freedom of the press apparently exists in the Middle East. And you thought that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were tough on political cartoonists!

Then came the apparently unhinged president of Iran talking about wiping Israel off the map and about his own personal determination to build nuclear weapons; he is a visible reminder that extremists in the Muslim world don’t believe in religious freedom, nor in the freedom of speech. They don’t share Jimmy Carter’s views on peaceful coexistence. They don’t want to get along. They just want us dead.

Democrats can not seem to understand that when faced with the vision of such zealots getting control of nuclear weapons, the average voter feels safer when someone like Jimmy Carter is not in control. You might recall that President Carter and Senator Kennedy did their very best to stop Ronald Reagan from winning the cold war.

Remember? They claimed then that we were the “moral equivalent” of the Soviets. President Reagan saw the Soviets as the “evil empire.” History shows that President Reagan’s world view was much closer to reality than Senator Kennedy’s or President Carter’s.

The left cannot accept that this isn’t a matter of sharing your feelings, or of just listening to the endless anti-western sentiment of extremists. Jimmy Carter allowed an act of war against us to go unpunished after our embassy in Iran was invaded. The fact that Iran is a rogue nation today can be directly blamed on his betrayal of the Shah of Iran. Singing songs around the socialist campfire on that occasion led to millions of deaths in the Iran-Iraq war.

The voters understood just how bad a president Jimmie Carter was, something our socialists still refuse to admit. It is President Reagan that the public adored not Jimmy Carter.

The average American understands that United States has a standing army, not to gain foreign territory, but to protect us from people that want us dead. Democrats are very close to convincing voters that their pledge of allegiance is to the U.N. and not the U.S. The left refuses to accept that while their position might win rave reviews in San Francisco, it is a receipt for a guaranteed loss in a national election.

Democrats continue to curse the shadow of irrelevance that follows their every move. “How can this be,” they ask themselves as they sip coffee every morning and open The Washington Post to look for evidence that their reality has substance.

Slowly the evidence continues to mount that proves Howard Dean’s world view is delusional. Still the left, like the stalwart 25 Democrat senators continues to believe in Dr. Dean; perhaps because the truth is just too painful to admit.

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