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As Long as We Remember...

December 19, 2005

Withdraw! Then Peace

Tom McLaughlin

Peace this Christmas. I am against the war. I always have been. I spent four years in Jiddah teaching the Saudi's English and there is no way that bunch will ever get it together. Never have. Never will.

It has nothing to do with the Koran or Islam. The politics, inter-tribal conflict, oil, family relations, colonialism and a host of minor complications all contribute to the problem.

Islam is the easiest and most convenient sound bite available to the western media. It will take several college courses and huge books to fully comprehend the area and fluency in the languages to understand the nuances and subtleties.

What will happen if we withdraw? No doubt Iraq will be split apart like the former Yugoslavia. The Kurds will get their own country as they have a strong standing army. Their region has plenty of oil and is very pro-American. Nothing wrong with that. The Shia's and Shiite's will then sort things out in their own way. Maybe violence, maybe not; but when the dust settles there will be a country of sorts emerging from the rubble.

The terrorists? They will retreat into oblivion because they will lose their supporters.

Everyone will get what they want and they will no longer have a base of operations. There will always be a fringe group that will blow something up. Witness the Oklahoma City bombing engineered and carried out by right wing Americans.

I never thought I would agree with Congressman John Murtha. You couldn't get any more pro-war than that guy. Yet, he called for a withdrawal of American troops and he is right, in more ways than one.

The anti-war movement has no one in Congress that has stood up against the conflict. I was bitterly disappointed in Hillary Clinton and all of the rest of the liberal cowards, who refused to take a leadership role and demand peace.

This all comes at about the same time the great American patriot, Eugene McCarthy, passed away. He stood against Lyndon Johnson on an anti-Vietnam War platform and cost him (Johnson) another term. I wish we had somebody like that somewhere today.

It took a lady who lost a son and camped out next to the side of a road on the way to the Bush ranch in Texas to get things going; but it sputtered and stopped.

But, since Representative Murtha's statements, it looks like the people are sending George Bush a message. I don't know if he will get it, but at least things are moving forward. He needs to fire Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and put a leash on Vice President Dick Cheney before anything will happen.

There is one very big difference between Islam and Christianity. Forgiveness. The idea is inculcated in the very fabric of the Western world and is the one major gift, among others, that we celebrate a small family in a stable in Bethlehem. We have learned to forgive our enemies and those that trespass against us. Islam and the Arab world do not have this concept and it is the major reason why there will never be any peace in their region.

Let's send ships, boats, and planes and get our troops out of there. It would be very simple. Ask them to report to the nearest airport, fly them to Berlin, London, or wherever, and give them tickets for an onward journey to their hometowns.

Tell Halliburton and the rest of them they will no longer be able to rely on America for support and to leave also. Make sure we do things like give the troops the money for transition, hospital care and other readjustment facilities. We must support the warrior and not the war.

You? Well, call or email your congressman or senator. Tell them to bring our youngsters home. Ask them to be as brave as our soldiers and stand up against the conflict.

Together, then Peace!

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