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November 9, 2005

The Hypocrisy of the Democrats

Jason Grabill

It never ceases to amaze me when I read about the Democratic Party sometimes. I call your attention to the latest vile attacks on Maryland's Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, from members of not only his own party, but his own race!

And yet...and yet....if I, as a white guy out here in Frederick, would write some of the things that Del. Salima Siler Marriott and State Senators Lisa A. Gladden and Verna Jones have said, not only would I be vilified high and low, but I could easily be charged with a hate crime. I'd be called a KKK member or supporter, and could easily lose my job. My question is: Why haven't these people lost theirs?

I'm not going to write the things that were said about Lieutenant Governor Steele in this column simply because it does nothing but repeat the same sludge that has spewed forth from these individuals.

It's obvious, though, that the Democrats are flat-out scared to death of the lieutenant governor. Why? Because if their own constituency down Bawl'mer way sees that you can be successful, black, and Republican, without the assistance of the likes of Messrs Gladden, Jones and Company, then, by golly, there just isn't much cause for people to vote for them, now, is there?

Naturally, the two white guys on the Democrat side running for governor don't want the party money bags to close if they were to stray off the path of slime the Maryland Democratic Party has chosen. So they respond with comments like: "I think he is open to criticism in a number of areas" (Doug Duncan).And Mayor Martin O'Malley, of Baltimore, didn't have much to say, either. That one's an obvious first I'm sure. Trivia folks, take note.

Tell me, Mr. Duncan, exactly how does being African-American leave the lieutenant governor "Open to criticism?" Oops, guess that's not what he meant to say. Then again, one never knows.

Again, if this garbage was coming from a Republican, being vented towards, say, Kweisi Mfume, his head would be on a stick down by the State House in less time than it would take to issue the resignation letter. And, if Gov. Robert Ehrlich commented "I think Mr. Mfume is open to criticism in a number of areas" right afterwards, well, he'd no doubt be run out of Annapolis on a rail, and the Democrat politicians would be shouting from the rooftops.

Funny, I haven't heard any of that coming forth in regard to Lieutenant Governor Steele. Not from the Democrats, anyway. Plenty of Republicans, and decent people of all parties, are mighty irritated over this, but, like most things that the Dems in this state have their sticky fingers into, this, too, will quickly and quietly blow over, I'm sure. And they can get back to business as usual, trying to figure out new and improved ways to tax us.

To me, this is simply the party of the left running scared, as always, and doing whatever it has to do to keep themselves in power. If that means using race baiting smear tactics, then so be it. I have a name for it. It's called "Hypocrisy," a favorite word of some of my liberal friends; they love to throw it around when it comes to various debates. Now it's my turn to toss this one out. I'd like to see more folks do the same.

This is a short column, folks, because, simply put, writing a thousand words about this issue is rather pointless, in my mind. It's cut and dried. There shouldn't be any debate, pontification, or "give me a day or so to think about it." You are either a hypocritical racist, or one who supports racism, or you aren't. Simple as that.

A late add on here. Mr. Mfume and Mr. Cardin both denounced the comments later. Good for them....I suppose the old line "Better late than never" applies.

So, while I will give credit where it's due, I'd only ask, "What took you so long?" Hopefully, the voters will be asking the same thing, and come to the correct conclusions....

Until next time, Stay Low!

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