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October 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

John P. Snyder

One has to pity the poor souls who hate politics and campaigns. It seems only by turning off the electric and curling up in the fetal position can one escape the daily ups and downs of the unending campaign for local, state and national office.

Here are some observations:

1. Jeff Holtzinger is an impressive guy.

The Misses and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Jeff and his lovely wife Pam at the recent Republican Women's Club dinner. It took Jeff awhile before he mentioned he graduated 26th in a class of 250 at Catholic University Law School. He day-hopped, held a job and had two kids at the time. He was a four-year starter for the TJ Patriots at linebacker, where he met his wife, who was a cheerleader.

2. This is a true story...

My younger sister is the News Director at WUSA/TV 9 in Washington. They couldn't figure out why their ratings jumped 100% at 10:30 A.M. last Monday. They also discovered that WRC/TV4 had lost all of their audience at the same time. Channel 4 had broadcast Doug Duncan's Announcement for governor live. It was a long, rambling tribute to himself. Viewers bailed, en masse to other stations. Can't blame them.

3. Sadly, this also is a true story....

A wonderful gentleman had been volunteering his time to help coach the JV football team at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School. The coach let loose with an unflattering remark to a young lineman. The player became upset, which made the parents upset, which prompted a call to the principal. The principal, in order to appease the parents, relieved the coach of his duties. At the risk of destroying the decorum of this public site, I will tell you what he called him. I hope I won't offend anyone. He called him a "fat ass".

4. How to Spot an Aging Lefty....

Merely mention the name of Sen. Joseph P. McCarthy of Wisconsin and their eyes will bug out, veins will begin to pop out and they will fall into a fit of rage. He is in the special category of people that liberals hate. In that category would be Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and any Catholic Pope or Cardinal.

Senator McCarthy pursued suspected communists infiltrators in our government. His tactics were wrong but the subject was important. Liberals used to cry about the innocence of atomic bomb traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The fall of the Soviet empire revealed they were guilty. Ditto Alger Hiss, a communist spy who claimed innocence for decades. Don't hold your breath expecting Hollywood to highlight their treason.

5. It was the Spring of 1974....

And I was a senior at Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington. I had use of the family station wagon for the cross town trip to my after-school job. Attaching himself to my car at dismissal was a tall skinny freshman who noticed my route home was close to his destination. Because he was a freshman, he had to sit way in the back, and share that space with two other first year men. I called him "Steeley Dan," after the band and as a derivative of his name. Today he is known as Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and he is running for the U.S. Senate. I couldn't be prouder of him.

6. Here is an Interesting Item....

According to the WaPo, half of the 14,670 wounded in the Iraq/Afghanistan war return for duty within 72 hours. And while we mourn the sacrifice of the 2,000 soldiers who have died in the 48 months since warfare commenced, 8,670 California men aged 19 to 29 have died through auto and motorcycle accidents and gang warfare during the same timeframe. My point is our armed forces are doing an incredible job against an enemy that fights an unconventional war.

7. Strike that issue from the list....

Democrats all over the country were hoping the cost of a gallon of gas would level off at somewhere around $10 per gallon. With a crippled economy they might have something to run on for next year’s mid-term election. Darn their luck! Sheetz on Rosemont Avenue has it at $2.32 a gallon (at this writing). Granted, they give it away so you'll buy what's inside, but others have to follow suite. Reduce demand and watch the prices really drop. The Frederick News Post went into overdrive to whip up hysteria when the price went up, strangely silent on the way down.

8. This year’s winner of the Jack Derr "Politically Tone Deaf Award” is.......

Many will recall the former state senator’s stubborn opposition to an elected school board in Frederick County. He thwarted every attempt to get it on the ballot. When it finally got to the voters of Frederick it was, in as bipartisan effort, approved in 80-20 fashion.

First term Democrat Del. Galen Clagett seems intent on outdoing the high standards left by Mr. Derr. He routinely insults Gov. Robert Ehrlich, his voting record on issues effecting business in Maryland was a dismal 33%, and he has wasted his time on the committee investigating supposed wrongdoing in the firing of at-will state employee Vincent Gardenia. It is often difficult to determine where House Speaker Mike Busch's posterior ends and where Mr. Clagett’s proboscis begins. No lightweights this time, Galen. Hello Linda Naylor! Hello Bill (Pluck) Hall!

9. What if...

The 17th Street levee hadn't broken in New Orleans, thereby saving the 9th ward. Would they still blame George Bush?

Until next time…..

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