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October 20, 2005

Corporal Cueball Is Coming To Town!

John P. Snyder

In an effort to raise the level of discourse in our area, The Frederick News-Post and Clear Channel Communication (WFMD) are sponsoring an evening with leading Democratic Strategist James (Cpl. Cueball) Carville and his wife, the Republican Mary Matalin.

In Mr. Carville they could not have found a bigger fraud, a convincing con artist or a larger bozo, who is now into a nine-year losing streak.

He burst upon the political scene back in 1990. He helped kind-hearted Democrat Harris Wofford defeat the patrician Dick Thornburg for the right to finish out the term of the recently deceased Sen. John Heinz, of Pennsylvania. It was Mr. Carville who brought the issue of paid government health care to the forefront through Mr. Wofford’s campaign.

Some might recall the infamous question posed by Mr. Wofford. "Inmates at our prisons have free health care," he whined, "why shouldn't you?" Never mind the awkward juxtaposition that inmates, as convicts, are, in effect, wards of the state and would be provided health care.

Having free health care while having all freedom taken away, while in prison, might not seem worth it to some, but the media ran with it. It caused Mr. Thornburgh, the Republican challenger, to become defensive. Harris Wofford won the race.

James Carville was hailed as a political genius. Democrats were chafing at the news. President George H. W. Bush had a 91% approval rating. Some felt the Wofford win meant that Mr. Bush was beatable in 1992.

William Jefferson Clinton, the governor of Arkansas, felt he was ready to assume the presidency.

The newly acclaimed political genius and Mr. Clinton joined forces to form what has now taken on, for Democrats, fable status.

Three events caused Mr. Bush's re-election campaign to wobble in ‘92. First was the death of Lee Atwater, who directed Mr. Bush's win against Michael Dukakis in 1988. Second was the reneging on his famous promise of "read my lips, no new taxes" pledge. By raising taxes with a budget deal with Democrats, President Bush was snookered in a big way.

Lastly, a Texas loudmouth named Ross Perot, who happened to be a billionaire, became a third party candidate. He had the money to make a splash, the media loved him and it was clear he would cut into the Bush base.

As we all know, Bill Clinton won the election. He won with 43% of the vote. He received a clear majority in only one state, his home state Arkansas, and that with just 52% of the vote.

The biggest winner, besides Mr. Clinton, was James Carville. On that November night, he was on top of the world. He was viewed as cunning, clever and so politically astute that no one could come close to him in statue.

A good case could be made that for Mr. Carville, it has been downhill ever since.

Parlaying his genius status, he oversaw the midterm election effort for Democrats nationwide in 1994.

Under his direction, the Democrats lost control of the House and Senate and the governorships.

Like lemmings headed to a watery grave, Democrats followed his advice. Race baiting, promises of free healthcare, class warfare and larger government, as directed by Mr. Carville, all served to have 58 Democratic congressmen add “ex” to their title. Sixteen Democrat senators become former as well. Under his direction, Harris Wofford, his former meal ticket, was sent packing by Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania.

Despite promises from Carville that the Dems would retake the House and Senate, it didn't happen in 1996, although President Clinton won re-election, thanks in no small part to Ross Perot and an aimless Bob Dole. Ditto for 2000. Despite advising Al Gore, the Carville magic just didn't help.

John Kerry tried to keep Mr. Carville and his crowd out of his election campaign, but he was forced into listening to Mr. Carville and Paul Begala, long time Carville partner.

Mr. Carville has long since given up running campaigns. One would assume it’s more lucrative to rely on past accomplishments, however dubious, then to extend a losing streak.

For all of Carville’s bluster, the Democrats are still in the minority.

Now he is like as circus side show. He rants and raves about Republicans, but he has no better solutions.

Like most Democrats, the challenge of the day is to mask what they really want, a larger New Deal and political correctness, but calling it something else.

Those attending the event Saturday night at the Weinberg Center who are expecting a thoughtful discussion of the vexing problems of the day will be sorely disappointed. He isn't smart enough to go too deep. All he knows is insults and slander, mixed in with weak humor.

Republicans planning to attend should be advised to carry a barf bag. Last week in Chicago he stated that had Al Gore been the president September 11th wouldn't have happened.

He also called Mr. Gore one of the smartest people he knows. God knows what else he is liable to say.

For his efforts, he'll pick up a check for roughly 30K, after he pays the Washington Speakers Bureau their take.

Jubal Early, who in a different century fleeced the citizens of Frederick, would be proud.

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