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As Long as We Remember...

October 4, 2005

Writers Block and the State of the County

Jason Grabill

I'm suffering a major case of writers block these days. Just can't seem to get the juices flowing. Wish I could come up with something; I've tried, but nothing seems to 'sing;' especially locally.

I could rant, perhaps, about a few things, but there just flat isn't much to rant about. Nothing is really 'burning' for me to write about. I don't live inside the city of Frederick, thus I don't have a dog in that hunt, so to speak.

I'm glad "Mayor Jen" is down for the count..., and many of my friends who do live in the city are as well, but that is about it. As an aside, I really couldn't believe the number of people that truly disliked the mayor. I wasn't too awful fond of her myself, more for her political positions (did you know she was a supporter of 'Women in Black' for example?) and nasty seeming attitude and high handedness than anything else.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why everyone else didn't like her, either.

Can't say it's a result of my sister dying; I was blocked before that. For those who do not know, my sister was killed in a car crash on the first day of school. She was 36 years old. It came as a shock, as these things always do, but, time heals everything, and the world continues to spin.

To those expressing condolences, they were much appreciated. My sister and I haven't been close for more years than I care to count; she chose her path in life, and I chose mine. They were mutually exclusive. Recent years hadn't been kind to her, nor had she to them. At least now, she can finally be at peace.

Then came the fair. I took vacation from shuttle the kids back and forth every day; most times, it was more like three or four times a day than just once. Talk about needing a vacation from my own vacation. Yeek. But, now it's over.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the fair, and everything that goes with it. But, for the past few years, I've had my daughters involved in 4-H Royalty, as well as helping out with other folks' animals. We didn't have any of our own, since we didn't have enough land.

Next year, that will change; our house is finally completed, and we are now the proud owner of two goats, two rabbits, a hermit crab, a goldfish, and a laid back Australian Shepard dog, who'd much rather curl up at my feet than herd anything, other than the next meal. More is coming on the farm front, I assure you.

In the future will be some beef cattle and who knows what else as the kids drag more things home. Can't say I mind, since I've always enjoyed working with the animals.

In good ole Frederick County, I see where some dunderheads has decided that the New Market area will have something like 13,000 more people flowing in over the next several years. Idiocy seems not to be confined to city limits.

Exactly where do you suppose we are going to put all these people? Ah, yes, more cookie cutter housing slapped onto once beautiful and productive farmland. And where, do we suppose, are all the kids of these people going to go to school? Linganore? Don't make me guffaw and fall out of my chair.

LHS, my old alma mater, is so strained if it gets one more kid I fear it will explode. In my days there, we called it "Cornfield High". Some perhaps, still do...but the term "mobile home park" may be more fitting.

LHS is "portable" heaven. We had three when I went what is the number? 11? 20? And we are going to add exactly how many more kids in the near future?

Once again, we see that someone, somewhere, is gonna profit, and it ain't gonna be us - the taxpayer, the Frederick County farmer, or the Frederick County resident.

I won't even get into the lack of volunteers at the fire companies that will be serving these areas, or the dearth of police protection in the area. Nope. Not gonna go there.

My solution? Total moratorium on new "developments" for the foreseeable future. Yeah, pretty harsh, but it needs to be done until we get the infrastructure we need to handle this.

I'll be researching the candidates in next year's election for county commissioner and will vigorously campaign, to the best of my ability, against those who voted for this travesty. Party be damned. All politics is supposed to be local; anyone who's voting for this idea is obviously not taking the citizens best interests to heart.

So, perhaps the writers block has gone. We'll see. I think the overall state of the county this fall is pretty good. ColorFest and Halloween are just around the corner, and the leaves will soon be giving us their yearly splash of colors. We definitely need more rain; things are so dry at my farm that just going up the driveway raises more dust than the Afrika Korps did at El Alamein.

Until next time, Stay low!

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