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September 29, 2005

Beyond The Hurricane

Tom McLaughlin

They were black. They were poor. They had no other place to go but the Superdome in New Orleans. But, the city is between 64-67 per cent poor and black. Who else was going to show up?

Day after day the television news reported their plight as the bureaucrats wrangled over the rescue efforts. It was finally decided a military man was required to make some semblance of the disorder. He immediately cut through the red tape, issued orders and the rescue began. One valuable lesson learned is the military should be in control of natural disasters.

Many say President Bush was at fault. He should have arranged for a spacecraft to hover over the dome and beam up the entire wretched mass of humanity. Then they would be deposited in a Levittown-type community with white houses, picket fences, jobs and good schools somewhere on the prairie. That did not happen.

Neither did the president set an example by taking some to his Crawford ranch. An elderly couple cooking or individuals helping to clear brush would have set a great model for the nation. I don't think anyone in his administration adopted any of the families. Neither did Bill Clinton.

The Genesis Project, devised by certain citizens of Frederick County, would relocate people of Washington to the Frederick Fairgrounds if disaster struck. Maybe a terrorist attack or a flood of the Potomac inundating the Capitol would require a mass evacuation. Who did the authors of the Genesis Plan think would be coming? Rich white bureaucrats?

Black and impoverished citizens would be air lifted to Frederick City. Hospitals, schools and other infrastructures would be overwhelmed and the problems would spread out to the county.

Now that everyone realizes the people coming will be poor and black, will the Genesis Plan be revived? Will it die a slow, quiet death now that we realize the type of people who will be headed our way? Probably so. We will never hear of it again.

Are some in Frederick County a prejudice lot? Do some believe blacks and other races are inferior? Do some believe "they" don't want to mix with us? Is low cost housing priced too high for minorities to purchase? Are you one of the some?

Lay-abouts sucking the breast of the welfare system will always be with us. This abuse will continue as long as we have a system. But it is no different than the stealing of funds from the Defense Department to line the pockets of multi-national corporations especially Halliburton.

Except those dependent on the welfare system are mainly black and can be identified by the color of their skin, while those who are ripping off government agencies are white and middle class. And live in Frederick County. But, two wrongs don't make a right.

Many, many studies have been conducted on the causes of poverty and millions have been spent to eradicate it. Slowly, inroads have been made. The poor will be with us always whether black in Washington or white in Western Maryland and West Virginia.

But one thing is clear. Those who work hard should earn a wage which elevates them above the poverty level and provides for health care. No matter what color the skin. Then, possibly, the scenes of New Orleans and prejudice will be erased forever.

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