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September 8, 2005

What Was She Thinking????

John W. Ashbury

During the course of the past three-plus years, as we have become accustomed to the “best show in town” in Frederick’s City Hall, the blame game has run rampant. Who’s the culprit in all of this?

It has been the opinion here that all the elected officials in The City of Frederick have had a role in the deterioration of civility as our city mothers and fathers conduct “our” business for us.

However, recently a photograph has surfaced that might just give a hint on the answer to the question.

The incivility started almost from the opening of the inauguration ceremonies for this administration in The Weinberg Center for The Arts. It got worse in a hurry and it still is the primary catalyst at each and every meeting.

On December 23, 2003, almost two years into her term, Mayor Jennifer Dougherty sent the accompanying photograph as an email with the following caption on a picture:

Subject: Holiday Greeting from Mayor Dougherty

The MCD Meeting wasn’t the same old thing.

CLICK HERE to see the photo. (MCD stands for Mayor-Chiefs-Directors)

When one wag was shown the picture, the question immediately was: “Which one is the real clown here?”

While the mayor was making a futile attempt at humor, it is obvious – from her posing for and distribution of this photograph – that she has little regard for those with whom she works.

There was another picture in her email which showed the same blow-up dolls in all six seats in the Mayor & Board room on the first floor of City Hall. The caption on this one read: Does this thought cross your mind? Actually there is more truth than humor in this one.

There needs to be a change in City Hall. The mayor sets the tone and if this is the tone she sets, it is time for a change in City Hall – again.

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