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August 23, 2005

The Democratic Debate

Tom McLaughlin

At last week’s debate I was wondering where he hid the mud. Ron Young had to have it somewhere on his impeccable suit and coffered hair, as he wandered the Democratic audience still seeking somebody’s hand to shake.

He finally slung it at Mayor Jennifer Dougherty during a question about city services. The audience moaned and hissed as he deviated from the answer, took aim with the slime, and missed.

Oh, did he try. He could have brought his tireless rhetoric about the lawyers in his opening statement, but, realizing he was the one who caused some of the legal fees, relented and tried to sneak it in during his reply about issues such as sewerage, where he dipped in and tried to throw that at the mayor also.

But, it didn’t work. He missed. When will he realize it is a non issue when most of the questions submitted by the people were about growth and development?

Paranoia also grips Mr. Young. What are we going to do? Oh my, what shall we do when Washington, D.C., is bombed into oblivion and the survivors crawl up Rt. 270 into Frederick? Lions and tigers, oh my, oh my! Oh dear, dear, dear.

His answer was to revive the Oz conceived Genesis Project (he actually said this during the debate, not the Oz part)) where the Frederick Fairgrounds would be the staging area for the dead and dying.

Survivors, crawling the 60 miles from the Capitol City, would be greeted by individuals and allowed to request where they wish to meet St. Peter, either next to the Zebra pen or the cotton candy kiosk. A ridiculous plan like Genesis needs to be buried next to Mr. Young’s campaign.

A room full of smoke from expensive cigars with alderman and/or county commissioners puffing away, ties askew, deciding the fate of Frederick City is one of his plans. And one may try to imagine elected ladies sitting off to one side discussing the latest trend in Beanie Babies allowing the big boys to make decisions for them.

This is the governing style Mr. Young wants to haul back from the days of yore.

In his past reign as king, when a flood made him famous, he herded the aldermen into his basement (he actually said this during the debate) after the election and they all decided how things would be done in governing the city.

Only this time he would throw developers into the pile with him carving out areas to be annexed. The areas would be sliced and diced among contributors to his ill-conceived campaign, financed and egged on by the Republicans.

The water problem and the pipeline to the Potomac? Oh, we will put the county commissioners, Mayor Young and the aldermen in a locked room and won’t leave until an agreement is hammered out. (He actually said this during the debate.) He said this was his style of government for 16 years.

Katie bar the door and erect the barricades.

Mr. Young, you forgot somebody in your decision making process. It’s what the constitution calls “We the People…” And we will not be forgotten, nor ignored, nor shoved aside, ever, ever again!

So, what is a Middletown Democrat doing ranting and raving about the Frederick City election? I like the town. I am a frequent visitor to the many arts functions and other activities that go on there. I like being safe. I like walking the clean, litter free streets. I like to see the measured development taking place there. Measured, I say, measured.

The current mayor is responsible for this and not some “has been” who had his moment of flood glory. He is being supported by the Republicans. They and other non-resident property owners live outside of town drooling with ways to own the city government as well.

Jennifer Dougherty has done a great job as mayor. She deserves to be re-elected despite over whelming odds. She has a local radio station spouting against her.

The Frederick News Post regularly prints biased and unfair articles through their “political reporter,” Clifford G. Cumber, the mouthpiece for Myron Randall, part owner and development activist.

When I was a columnist for that newspaper, I was told never, ever, write about development.

This Democratic primary should settle once and for all who will rule – and the style of that rule – for Frederick City in the future. Ron Young, with his admitted backroom style of government and financial ties to the developers, or Mayor Dougherty, who listens to the people through neighborhood organizations.

For every voter, the answer is obvious. Mayor Jennifer Dougherty.

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