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August 15, 2005

A Non-Profit Lie and a Mother's Pain

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

NARAL Pro Choice America, a non-profit political action organization, paid millions to lie to the American people. It purchased time and ran a television advertisement that claims that Judge John Roberts, while serving as an assistant solicitor general in the administration of President George H. W. Bush, argued in favor of violent extremists and abortion clinic bombers.

The truth is that then Assistant Solicitor Roberts argued the government's case in a matter of judicial interpretation of a historic discrimination case as applied to abortion clinics and reproductive service agencies.

In fact, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of the government's position as argued by Mr. Roberts.

The ad features a bombed-out abortion clinic, complete with fire engines and ambulances. The clinic director, seriously injured in the bombing, is shown at the time of the bombing, swathed in bloody bandages.

The video cuts to the present and the clinic director talks about surviving the attack. She says that she is committed to fighting this kind of violence, as the voice-over talks about Judge Roberts' argument that benefits violent protestors.

Clearly, anyone who watches the ad leaves with the impression that the bombing occurred because of Roberts' argument. The truth is that Roberts made the argument seven years before that clinic was bombed.

Judge Roberts did not argue on behalf of violent protestors. To claim otherwise is a blatant lie. Of course, NARAL doesn't really care about the truth. In fact, truth is taking a back seat to radical politics.

Judge John Roberts was unanimously confirmed to the federal bench, and his record as assistant solicitor general was available for the same level of scrutiny it is currently getting.

NARAL is using a lie to make an argument. Nothing new in Washington; in fact, the well-crafted lie has become one of the most effective ways to make a political point.

A NARAL spokesperson gave the best justification I've heard, probably because it's the truth. She said that NARAL has to use every tool available to it, because the American public wants a "moderate" justice appointed to the Supreme Court.

Here's how NARAL defines moderate: One who will not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The spokesperson argued that Judge Roberts is either 1.) not a moderate or, 2.) not enough is known about him to decide whether he is or isn't.

I have become convinced that Judge Roberts is the perfect appointee to the Supreme Court of the United States. Liberals appear convinced that he's a hard-over conservative, who, given the chance, will throw out personal choice and freedoms.

Conservative groups and spokespeople are equally concerned, fearing that Judge Roberts could easily become another Justice David Souder. Justice Souder shocked many by issuing decidedly moderate opinions on major social issues, and conservatives consider him a sheep in wolf's clothing.

I hope Judge Roberts is given a fair hearing, and that groups like NARAL, which use lies and distortions, are given the credence they deserve, which is NONE!

(Since I wrote this, NARAL Pro Choice America has announced that they are withdrawing the advertisement. Their press release indicates that they are concerned that the ad causes Americans to focus on specific content issues and not on Robert's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court. They will have a new ad ready for today. One can only hope it will tell the truth, otherwise NARAL will be banished to the Land of Irrelevant.)

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a U.S. Army soldier killed during the war in Iraq, has made clear her intention to camp out in Crawford, TX as long as President Bush is there on his August vacation.

Her visage dominates the evening news, and even President Bush was forced to acknowledge her presence and her loss.

Mrs. Sheehan did meet with the president, not long after her son was killed in action. She was angry and confused then, but she described her meeting with the president in respectful terms.

She mentioned how deeply the president seemed to feel her loss, and that he seemed to bear the weight of all of the soldiers lost during the war. She felt the war was wrong even then, but she seemed to appreciate his expression of sympathy.

Today things have changed. This is tough for me to say, because I cannot possibly understand the sadness of mother who has lost a child.

I don't find any fault at all with what Mrs. Sheehan believes, and I celebrate and have defended with my life her right to express her opinion in whatever venue she chooses.

My problem is with her portrayal as the lonely mom at the gate, left to stand alone in the swirling dust of Prairie Chapel Ranch. Radical leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, liberal billionaire George Soros', and Code Pink, a new non-profit backed substantively by the American Communist Party, now back and support Mrs. Sheehan. She is a regular blog contributor to Michael Moore's website, and she has become a poster child for the same groups that tried to oust President Bush in the 2004 election.

Her previous appreciation for her meeting with the president has been replaced by her angry and sarcastic nightly demands for a chance to accuse Mr. Bush of killing her son for no reason, for demeaning his memory and the other 1,800-plus men and women killed so far in Iraq, and to ask President Bush why he wasn't sending his two daughters there if he felt it to be such a just cause.

She now says that President Bush approached her in a light-hearted manner, and that she doesn't believe that he was sincere in his first dealings with her.

She says that her son had changed his opinion on the war. When he first enlisted, he believed that the war was just, and he had no problem fighting against the Iraqi insurgents. According to Mrs. Sheehan, time and a lack of credible WMD evidence had turned her son against the war.

She said she had offered to spirit him away to Canada when he was last at home. He refused her offer, saying that his buddies were going back, and so should he. He did, and now his memory and those photos of that smiling young face in the desert camouflage are all we have left.

Part of me wishes they had taken off for the northern border, away form the terror and horrors of war. Mrs. Sheehan would have her son with her and would watch him grow into adulthood, with all of life's challenges ahead.

Another part of me prays for eternal mercy on his soul, thankful that something inside beckoned him to serve his country, to fulfill the commitment he had made under oath to God and his fellow soldiers.

While I'm praying for Specialist Sheehan, I'll say a prayer for comfort for his mom, and I'll ask for strength for her to continue to fight to keep his memory alive, without becoming a tool of divisiveness for use by people who really could care less about his life and service.

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