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July 27, 2005

Uncrown The King!

Tom McLaughlin

The United Democratic Club recently held its annual picnic with fried chicken and the delights of home made salads and deserts prepared by the wonderful men and women of the club. I threw what was left of my diet out the window and enjoyed several thighs and legs with great gobs of potato and macaroni salads.

Then came the speeches. It was the first and hopefully the last time I will hear Ron Young. This candidate is a Democrat? Who is backed by the Republicans for mayor of the City of Frederick?

He was the former mayor of Frederick City who some people claim was the savior of the town; and, if he hadn't been around, the city would have been swallowed into a sinkhole to disappear forever.

>From what I can see, he was in the right place at the right time when a massive flood caused millions of dollars in damage. He then managed to secure federal monies to build the ugliest canal through the town in order to tame trickling Carroll Creek.

He stated in his speech he would take the high road and talk about Frederick City, debate the issues and offer a new vision. Then he proceeded to use the word civility - or the lack of it - about 100 times. He stated he had knocked on many doors and all the people could talk about was the civility issue.

This was, of course, a direct slam at Mayor Jennifer Dougherty whose opposition - read the Republicans and Myron Randall at the Frederick News Post - have elected to use as a campaign issue.

So much for the high road.

Afterwards, I checked with many residents and no one could recall seeing "the savior of Frederick" in their neighborhood.

The next thing he stated was that he was not going to use his past accomplishments, whatever they were, in the campaign. Then he proceeded to talk about the Carroll Creek project, again, and again, and again. It seems he, like Noah, would not be famous except for a flood. His supporters hail him as the person who got down off the cross and decided to walk amongst us.

In another attempt at civility, he bashed Mayor Dougherty - not by name, of course, but everyone knew who he was talking about - for the use of lawyers.

Excuse me? Who sued the city? Who ran up the lawyer bills so now anyone from anywhere can be Mayor of Frederick? His Royal Highness King Young - along with scribe Myron Randall, and his mouthpiece son on the local right wing radio station - now intends to grace us by walking among us, the little people, and wants to be crowned once again.

Mayor Young's tenure, so I am told by many, was a dictatorship with his decisions rubber stamped by a group of like-minded aldermen - read good old boys.

The wresting of power from the good old boys and returning it to the people through neighborhood associations, downtown committees and healthy debates with different views from the alderman is not incivility but democracy.

Mr. Young received a respectable applause when he was introduced but it substantially decreased following the speech. He wandered the area looking for somebody, anybody's hand to shake as his fellow Democrats turned away from him knowing he is a Republican backed minion of the former status quo.

This action should have told Mr. Young to go back to his fiefdom, rest on his dubious laurels and allow democracy to continue forward in this pearl of Western Maryland known as The City of Frederick.

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