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July 21, 2005

Think Different - Think Cool – Part Two

Wile E. Delaplaine

Heat, humidity, politics, and tension… These four aspects of summer life often intrude into where they neither belong nor should be welcomed. With substantial Zen training, of course, you can quickly dispatch them, but who has the time to sit in silence for hours each day with his personal guru?

Alas, there are other paths to nirvana, and today, I, Wile E., propose an extension of our Antarctic diversion; an extension of our escape from this, our banal reality of this superheated locality. Today I propose sublime penguins, frosty ice, majestic icebergs, and soothing skies…

Gentoo Penguin at Paradise Bay

Gentoos and Ice at Port Lockroy

Mammoth, Rock Hard Blue Ice

Ice (free of air) is stunningly blue and often ancient.

Castle Sized Iceberg off the Peninsula

Sublime Evening Sun

Stunning 11 pm Sunset

Concluding our great escape to the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, I provide you with these facts, many courtesy of’s Antarctic pages.

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