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July 20, 2005

Think Different - Think Cool - Part One

Wile E. Delaplaine

For those of you who are tired. tired of the heat, tired of the humidity, tired of Frederick's petty politics, Wile E., Frederick's renegade exile, comes to the rescue with thoughts of a cooler, yes, a much cooler place. He tempts to take you to a place where no one thinks of Mayor D., nor of Commissioner T.; a place where the only concerns, apart from global warming, are far removed and ethereal.

Wile E. proposes that you turn your thoughts to the Antarctic, or more precisely, the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, thousands of miles away from almost everything, and owned by no one (although foolishly claimed by a few).

To facilitate this soothing and cooling state of mind, Wile E. provides you the following montage taken by his alter-alter ego, "Snaps!" Pour yourself a frosty beverage, and feel the refreshing dry chill air flowing out of your monitor. This is the fresh and perfect air of the other summer, the Antarctic summer of January 2005, where high temps are in the 40s, and where 20 hours a day, oblique lighting from a cool and low angled sun gently bounces off the spectacular scenery.

The welcoming gates to the flooded caldera of Deception Island

"Deception" is French for disappointment, which is merely a state of mind.

Deception Island's geothermal activity reduces its snow cover

Lemaire Channel, block by an ice floe.

On the Antarctic Peninsula, gigantic icy mountains and their blue glaciers connect the majestic sky to the chilly Antarctic Sea.

A view from the stunning Port Lockroy, where is a tiny British station.

Port Lockroy

Paradise Harbor, blue iceberg, and sailing vessel.

Paradise Harbor , Gentou Penguins, and large vessel sheltered by blue ice cliffs.

British outpost and blue ice cliff.

For a good explanation of blue ice, see:

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