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May 25, 2005

Where Have All The Real Reporters Gone?

Jason Grabill

The recent dustup over the media (OK, stop! I mean, the most recent dustup involving Newsweek.) once again failing to report the facts, as opposed to what they want the facts to be, tells me that the leftmedia gets it wrong, and instead puts a progressive "spin" on what the "journalists" think the news should be.

It's very simple to be a "journalist" nowadays. One must merely accept that anything anyone says on the left is the absolute, chipped into stone truth, and is a golden nugget dropping on the ground. The right, on the other hand, spews venom, lies, hatred, tries to restrict "freedom of the press," and as a general rule, can't be believed under any circumstance unless backed up by multiple sources, footnotes, and the staff of The New York Times editorial desk. Of course, a healthy dose of anti military, anti American, pro European attitude is an absolute must for anyone these days graduating with a degree proclaiming them a "journalist".

I long ago cancelled my subscription to The Washington Post. Not because I was tired of the same old recycled left wing drivel that has infected its pages for decades. No, it was easy enough to read through that. What I found, though, was it was much simpler to get my news through the internet, and various websites and newsgroups.

I'm not much for blogging, but I've found that at least I know the bias of the blogger up front, and can judge what is being reported or commented on from that. The blogosphere makes no pretensions of being unbiased, and I appreciate the honesty, unlike most major media newspapers these days, that loudly proclaim that they are as pure as the wind-driven snow and show no bias whatsoever. Um, right. For those who still believe that, I've got a secret formula for instant hair growth stashed in my basement that will make you an instant millionaire.

I think quite a few American's have reached the same point as I have. We are fed up with the print media. Subscriptions to print media are at all time record lows across the country, and continue to plummet faster by the minute.

"Journalists" are now considered just about as trustworthy as those spam emails promising you millions in unclaimed funds if you just send your credit card information.

Sure, it's easier to access the internet and read free content, (none of us are paid on The Tentacle, as far as I'm aware...unless my checks are going to the wrong place!!!!) and I believe that does play a part in it. But I also think that the average Joe is tired of being preached at, harangued, and talked down to by the press as a whole.

Why do you suppose that is? The Newsweek debacle is just another in a long line of glaring examples. Modern day reporters are not interested in facts or the truth. Nope, they are more interested in sticking it in someone's gazoo with "GOTCHA!" style journalism, facts be damned.

The idea that American military interrogators are so supremely stupid as to resort to flushing the Koran down the commode is, quite frankly, laughable to me. I don't care who the source telling this story is, or was, I wouldn't take it even at its face value.

Too many inconsistencies abound here...not the least of which is, modern day plumbing isn't very conducive to flushing a wadded up ball of TP down without clogging, much less book pages. (We have Al Gore to thank for this, by the way. Don't get me started on that particular issue).

Any of you have kids? Little kids? Then you know how persnickety your toilet is, being want to clog at the least little thing; GI Joe men, Barbie clothing, Hot Wheels, etc. It strains credibility for me to believe that someone could get a book of any size, even page by page, to go down without the repeated use of a plunger. Anyone who wants to try this experiment at home be my guest, just don't hold me responsible for the cleaning bill.

So, any real reporter worth his or her stripes should be looking at this little story going..... "Hmmmmm.......something hinky about this....... But, no, not our enlightened modern day journalists, no sir! "Stop the Presses!!!! GI's flush Koran down Commode!"

Now, of course, we discover that the so called "source" won't confirm the story. Sounds more and more like some kind of barracks BS session rumor to me. Naturally, our journalists, not having a clue, and not wanting facts to interfere with a good story, run with that puppy. Editors, being cut from the same "journalistic" cloth as the reporters, don't bother with fact checking, either.

Now, of course, the backpedaling and recriminations begin. Realistically, these press people could give a hoot how many people could get hurt from their so called "exclusives," as long as it, (1) Increases readership, and (2), Makes the vast right wing conspiracy look bad/evil/incompetent/ill trained/insensitive, etc., etc. Insert your favorite word here).

In my humble opinion, the entire staff responsible for this debacle should be held accountable under Sharia law, since they seem to be cheerleaders for the other side anyway. I think desecration of the Koran isn't taken lightly, based on all the rioting that went on.

No one, of course, is going to be held responsible for this. That would be "infringing" on the "freedom of the press." Yeah! The Freedom of the Press to get it wrong, endanger American lives, destroy foreign policy, and destroy the good works being done worldwide.

All in the name of....what, exactly? What was the point of this story? Ah, yes, to make soldiers look like criminals, help Islamofascists recruit more suicide bombers, and to "inform" you and I, the average citizen.

Can any one imagine, during World War II, Ernie Pyle, Edward R Murrow, or any other American reporter (as, in those days, they considered themselves "reporters," not "journalists") feeding the public this line of twaddle?

How about pounding away at Ike's "quagmire" in the Huertgen Forest, where the U.S. Army sustained approximately 25,000 casualties in the space of three months?

How about the "Intelligence Failures" that led to the Battle of the Bulge?

We know of these things now because of research and reporting that occurred after the fact, after we won the war, and the enemy was no longer a threat. Ernie Pyle, Bill Mauldin, and others still reported American casualties, as did Stars and Stripes, Yank, and hometown papers. Yet, somehow, you knew that those reporters were "on our side". We were "the good guys", and despite some blunders and mistakes, we knew the alternative was the little guy with the moustache. (That's a fella named "Hitler", for those reading this majoring in journalism these days). Most of the print media today, though, may as well be "journalists" for Al-Jazeera.

Ernie, where are you?

Until next time, Stay Low!

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