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May 4, 2005

Filibusters, Mr. Bolton and the Democrats in Maryland

Jason Grabill

I thought this week instead of writing several columns, I'd condense my various thoughts into one. Here of late, much attention has been paid in the media, both local and national, about various and sundry things that the Democrats, also known as "The party that wants to overturn elections by any means available," are trying to keep our country safe from Democracy.

Ooops. That's probably a typo, but it looks so good, I'll leave it alone. And, if you think about it, it fits. I'll attempt to explain as we go on.

You see, the latest rantings from the kooky left are telling us a couple of things. Those are, (in no particular order) as follows:

  1. Republicans are evil.
  2. The filibuster of "only a few of the hard right wing" judicial selections is for you, Mr. and Mrs. Amurka's, own best interest.
  3. John Bolton is not sufficiently spineless to represent America in the U.N., and besides, he spoke harshly to several mid-level Milton Milquetoast pencil pushing, cube-dwelling types, who got their feelings hurt. Just think what he'd do to France!!
  4. Republicans are evil.

Those four items pretty much sum up the current level of Demo-hysteria over the past several weeks; thus also proving how fast and far the (so called) progressive party has fallen.

Yes, yes, numbers one and four match, but the party of John Kerry, (Remember him? Guy with the hair. Ran for president based on four months in service in Vietnam, but still refuses to release all of his military records. Yeah, that guy!) uses them so much as bookends to any discussion that they simply must be included here. It's a leftie statement of fact; consequently, it must be true. Ignore the man behind the curtain, red staters, its Mr. Kennedy.

Anywho, anyone who can say what, exactly, the left is irritated about, other than plain, simple, obstructionism and throwing a tantrum, please explain it to me. I have yet to hear any reason why the judges that President Bush has appointed, are a problem for the vast majority of the country.

Perhaps it's because they actually have read that funny little paper called "The Constitution," and believe in upholding what it says, and not inventing/dreaming up/discovering something called "The Founders intent," or "The living, changing, document," or, "What other countries, say, Yemen, think we should do."

You know, like that part in the Constitution where Tom Jefferson wrote about gay marriage. Or the part that says parents of teenagers can't be informed of an abortion.

Just look for that stuff, it's in there. At least, according to the dingbats in Massachusetts, it is, anyway. And, we all know, that liberal policies and programs die on the vine when the Constitution isn't "interpreted," but followed.

Or put to a vote, which liberals absolutely hate to have done, since they lose. That, dear readers, is the bottom line why the Democrats don't want President Bush's appointees on the federal bench. Who knows what may happen? They might make it to the Supreme Court, and then the left would be a complete non entity; reduced to guest appearances on "Survivor...Butte Montana" or something.

And, it follows along the same lines why Mr. John Bolton can't be our representative to the U.N. Limp alleged Republican fellow travelers like Sen. George. Voinovitch (R., OH) aside, Mr. Bolton is exactly what the U.N. needs; someone who won't take guff from various has-been countries that eat brie, or admire the way a woman looks in a burka, or still think in terms of "the great socialist workers paradise".

Do you really want our U.N. ambassador to be pushed around by the likes of countries such as that? Do you really want to see the American ambassador to the U.N. told what to do by the likes of Kofi Annan? Seems the Democrats do. Which is why, of course, they can't win elections in wartime. At least, nowadays, anyway.

I swear, the Dems really should consider changing their parties theme song to "Feeeelings...whoa whoa whoa Feeelings". To them, it's all about the feelings. Mr. Bolton may damage the feelings of third world countries, or of other cube-dwelling Milquetoast types in this country who wouldn't fly the American flag for fear of offending someone from the ACLU. Mr. Bolton, therefore, must go. At least, according to the party that's afraid of the dark, anyway. (That's the Democrats, for those of you in downtown Bethesda).

I did promise in this columns headline that I'd speak of Democrats in Maryland, and so I shall. Many are now scrambling to fill the seat soon to be vacated by Senator Paul Sarbanes. Let us never speak of him again. Hmmm. Considering the only time I ever remember seeing his name was during re-election, that shouldn't be too hard.

We have Rep. Ben Cardin and Mr. Kweisi Mfume for sure, and a couple more you probably never heard of out here in Fredericktown will pop up as the season goes on. Neither, of course, suits my taste.

Mr. Cardin is an old line Democrat, of the tax and spend variety, while Mr. Mfume is an old line Democrat, of the slash and burn variety. Not really much difference in the two from where I sit. Neither will represent the vast majority of working Marylanders who are not from the "Metro" areas and don't drive Volvos, or wear their hats on backwards.

Mr. Cardin came to Ms. Jennifer's tavern to announce his candidacy, which I give him points for (and lets the remainder of us in Frederick know exactly where she stands, like it's a big surprise), while Mr. Mfume will play to type and run further to the left of Mr. Cardin, which is pretty far.

All I hope for is a viable Republican candidate for the post. Seriously! Someone who can finally represent "My Maryland," as opposed to the usual special interest murk that has been entrenched in the Senate from this state since I can remember.

Hopefully, the Republican Party will bring a candidate forward in the Ehrlich mold, who can unify not only the party, but the state as well.

I'm fervently wishing for that, anyway.

* * * * * * * * * *

Finally, this has nothing to do with politics, local or otherwise. I must express my deepest appreciation for an attorney (yes, a lawyer, folks) who helped me considerably a while ago.

Mr. Scott Miller, who assisted both me, and my family in a dispute with Frederick County Permits Department (more on that in a later column I assure you) in the house building exercise about a month ago, is deserving of praise of the highest order. If you, or someone you know, needs deed or title work done, see him at Carroll Creek Title.

He stands by his work, and is a darn good guy to deal with. Fair, honest and decent to talk to, you better contact him to get it done for you. His number's in the book.

Until next time, Stay Low!

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