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As Long as We Remember...

May 3, 2005

Tighter Voter ID Equals Fewer Democrats

Edward Lulie III

It's long been considered a dangerous thing to get what you ask for. Like the hazards of making a wish; some unforeseen consequence always arises to ruin it.

Democrats have been screaming for improvements in election voting since 2000. And the agonizing after 9/11's deadly attacks has been instrumental in tightening the rules for obtaining ID's and registering to vote. The result for Democrats may well be to erase millions of illegal and even illusory voters from the roles; voters that they have relied on heavily in the past.

That Richard Nixon probably beat John Kennedy in 1960 but was defeated by massive voter fraud by Democrats in Illinois is pretty much accepted as a historical fact. We like to believe that was an exception; but it probably wasn't.

Democrats have repeatedly benefited from inner city districts that boast near 100% turnout - undoubtedly fraudulent. Any talk of requiring voters to show identification brings cries of "racial intimidation" or disenfranchisement.

Yet the fact is that we as a society should have basic rules for citizenship. Being a citizen should mean something, yet Democrats find themselves as advocates for allowing convicted felons and illegal aliens to vote. Why?

First is simple politics: Democrats need the votes. They have resorted to the extremes of sending workers and buses to housing for the elderly and "helping" them to vote. No doubt in many cases that was a wonderful thing, completely legal and ethical. Yet the problem arises is that it also appears that many of the voters had not a clue for whom they were voting. Shouldn't we have at least basic standards for voters?

Now Congress is debating making ID's and drivers licenses harder to get and making our voting systems very difficult to defraud. This isn't great news for the Democratic Party. The voter roles will become purged of illegal voters and make it very difficult to accomplish the breezy drive by voter fraud authorized by the ill thought-out motor-voter bill (signed by the first President Bush in an act later greatly regretted by Republicans).

Why do Democrats have such a low regard for citizenship and the right to vote? Many of them, most notably those aligned with Howard Dean, regard themselves as "citizens of the world" first and foremost. They view the United States as a nationalistic power and inherently evil because we stand in the path of a socialist paradise on earth, where all citizens are equal under the kind guidance of the United Nations. You can stop laughing. Yes, many on the left really believe that.

This is the price of having the Democratic Party in America run by the socialist left under Howard Dean. They are now the party of "America Last" and determined to bring us in line with the "enlightened" vision of European socialism.

I believe that the vast majority of Americans do not want their citizenship rights diluted and eroded away by fraud. Democrats, at the moment, are in a position where they will have to decide if they can afford to inform the general public that they favor fraudulent voting because it helps them. This is an issue that will really hurt them with voters in "red" state areas and isn't real popular in "blue" states either.

If this issue becomes a debate over what citizenship means, it will be a home run for Republicans unless Democrats bite the bullet and try and get out in front of the issue. If they could somehow become the advocates for clean, accurate and legal voting, it might provide them with a vehicle to attract moderates back into the party.

This is the real test for Democrats. If Democrats have for years benefited from illegal votes then the end of that era is on the horizon. If the vast majority of illegal voters are registered Democrat, where will Democrats go to replace them? They lost the last two elections, how can they hope to win back power with a reduced voter base? The only answer for Democrats is either stop the changes in requiring proof of citizenship and fixing the voting system or deciding to shift the party back towards the political center.

If they become too strident in opposing fixing the voter system, it becomes obvious why they are worried; that they have benefited from the very problems the reforms seek to stop. That's not going to attract moderate voters.

Moderate voters want all citizens of legal standing to have the right to vote but reject the citizen of the world belief that believes that non-citizens and convicted felons should get to vote as well.

It is ironic that the Democrats' cries for election reforms after 2000 may have helped to bring changes that actually remove millions of Democrats from the ranks of voters in coming elections. Will Democrats be able to adjust and tackle new political winds, or will they have to rely on worn out cries of intimidation and try to stonewall change in order to protect themselves?

It may easily be a case of delusional thinking. Many Democrats are convinced that George W. Bush "stole" the election in 2000 and somehow rigged the results in 2004. The facts have never supported them in that belief, but they seem to take it as an article of faith.

Their reliance on making every vote count was in reality a rallying cry to game the system and count even voters who were not eligible to vote. Their quest for power seems to tacitly endorse cheating. Apparently for many Democrats the ends do justify the means but what will that eventually cost them after failing at the polls time and time again?

For some on the far left, it seems that they have turned completely away from reality and entered a world where their political opponents are all evil and setbacks are all caused by vast conspiratorial powers aligned against them. They are "reality challenged" and they desperately need help but the only therapy they are likely to get is the repeated jolts of shock treatment painfully applied to them by the results of each Election Day in the years to come.

The worst part is that they aren't' even happy living in their own fantasy world of self-delusion but go from day to day seething with hate and rage against forces that don't even exist.

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