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Senator Mooney Just Doesn't Get It
David 'Kip' Koontz

May 8, 2002

Poor, pitiful State Senator Alex Mooney had his balloon full of hot air popped this week, when the State of Maryland found the group www.DEFEATMOONEY.com, "not guilty" of any of the charges of which he accused them.

Actually, there wasn't even the chance to find them "not guilty." There were no charges filed.

Of course to SS that means nothing.

It seems SS believes Assistant State Special Prosecutor Michael McDonough is either too stupid, or incapable of doing his job.

You see, Mr. McDonough, after investigating SS's claims, is the one who determined the group did nothing wrong.

In SS's paranoid mind, it is conceiveable to think that he is going to try to link Mr. McDonough with that vast "left-wing" conspiracy that is "out there" to "get him."

Do we think SS watched too many episodes of the television show X-Files?

The most troubling aspect of SS's response to this decision, is simply that, his response.

Instead of accepting it, bucking up and going on with his life, he dishonors himself, his office and his district by having a whiny baby fit about it.

The most frightful part is that SS can't just contain himself to infantile behavior, he has to continue to malign the character of those who are innocent.

SS spews venomous accusations of which he has no proof.

Anyone who is a student of history knows this type of behavior is exactly what the Nazi's did to the Jews prior to their actually ripping them from their homes and gassing them.

The Nazi's followed a methodical process of false accusation, lying, misrepresentation and the malignment of the Jewish people's character in order to whip the German people into a frenzy of hatred against them. There is an historic phrase about history being doomed to repeat itself.

Why does our state senator need to be the one who leads the repeat of that part of history?


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